Monday, August 18, 2014


Rod Davidson Parking Services Mgr. notes: "These changes will ensure there's a consistent turnover of vehicles downtown and in the Old City Quarter, while providing alternative off-street parking facilities at a reasonable cost. In addition, by adjusting our parking rates the City can better maintain and repair our off-street parkades without using funds from General Revenue."

Over the next two years the city will install pay parking areas in the downtown and Old City Quarter. Resident only parking will increase and include Nob HGill and the upper streets of the Old City Quarter.

Increased parking rates both on-street and off-street will provide extra revenue to cover future maintenance and operating costs.

The new strategy is intended to promote vehicle turnover of vehicles parked on city streets, reduce congestion in residential areas and increase revenue.

The City will also offer free parking in the Bastion Parkade on weekends  and during the evening.


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