Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Concept Plans For Downtown Ferry Submitted


August 20, 2014 – Nanaimo, BC – Island Ferries submitted a Development Permit application to the City of Nanaimo’s Planning and Design Department on Monday, Aug 18th. The application is for the development of a temporary facility to serve as a terminal for a passenger-only ferry service between downtown Nanaimo and downtown Vancouver. We expect the concept plans to be reviewed by the Design Advisory Panel within the next 10-14 days.

Currently referred to as the “Gadd Site”, the terminal is situated between the Nanaimo Port Authority property and the barge/rail trestle operated by Seaspan. Director of Operations Dave Marshall said, “The design is based on re-use of an existing heavy timber building completely renovated with new translucent cladding, sea views from within the building, an outdoor public viewing area, covered walkways, public washrooms, a small concession, and drop-off and pick-up points for small buses, taxis, and passenger vehicles.” Ample parking will be available nearby.

The design effort is being led by architect Christopher Rowe of Low Hammond Rowe and supported by a team largely made up of Nanaimo-based consultants.  “The terminal concept is based on that of a train station, where passengers are not expected to spend a long time in the terminal.  A limited number of passengers will use the waiting room, as the ship will be available for boarding almost 30 minutes before the sailing time,” noted Marshall.  Island Ferries believes the terminal facilities will be used as much for arriving passengers waiting for pickup.

The design proposal will provide arriving passengers a fresh and inviting introduction to the City of Nanaimo.  Similarly, within its short lifespan as a temporary facility, Island Ferries hope it will allow Nanaimo residents to feel some pride in this new piece of important transportation infrastructure.


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