Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A Space That Seems To Miss It's Potential

Early morning downtown with the sun just kissing all those different colors, shapes and textures is a delight for the eye and senses. Arguably this is when Diana Krall Plaza (aka the Krall Space) is at it's best.

There are few spots around the city which seem to possess so much raw potential and yet keep missing the mark. As you wander through this vast courtyard unless you are going to the library or credit union, there is little to draw you in except to perhaps wonder what those large, rusting structures represent.

Any suggestions as to how to breathe some life into this massive space right in the middle of downtown?



  1. How 'bout adding a covered stage and some seating for concert like performances? Maybe add a picture of that gorgeous Diana Krall? Seriously it needs less concrete and bricks and more vegetation that could be blended in much better than the isolated plants there now.

  2. How about a public washroom with vents on top and bottom so everyone can hear you grunt out your morning glory?

  3. How about a variety of specialty ethnic food trucks like they have in downtown Vancouver in the rear of the plaza.

  4. How about the Downtown Nanaimo B.I.A. actually does something with the plaza, since the city asked them to "liven it up" years ago...other than just handing-over money to an organizer to hold repetitive markets there that are held everywhere else?


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