Saturday, August 09, 2014

Gullible Citizens Believe This Dam Fable?

Gullible: easily fooled or cheated; especially quick to believe something that is not true.

Remember last year how then city manager Mr. Kenning told council and then the taxpayers of Nanaimo the dams in Colliery Dam Park were such a threat they had to either be removed for $10 million or rebuilt for $30 million? Remember?

One might be forgiven concluding that city council (which still sits today) are exceedingly gullible as they seemed to swallow that story hook, line and sinker. The only problem with that story, is that it now does not seem to have been based on any real facts, just a lot of supposition and conjecture. We spent about one million dollars on that little boondoggle last year only to discover this year, after spending another $1.35 million that direction coming from city hall's top office last year could likely be described as crap.

One Year Later - Same Office - Different Story 

Seems proper testing this year has revealed the deadly scenario we were told last year would result from an earthquake is simply not valid. So, the dams would not fail in an earthquake, so one might think sensible folk would breathe a sigh of relief and gleefully report to the weary taxpayers we have saved a lot truckload of money. Right?

No so fast, oh gullible one, not so fast. We have yet to guard against a monstrous flood akin to what Noah had to deal with. In order to do that we are still going to have to set fire to $8 million (at least) so that the already flooded area beneath the dams won't be inundated with the extra water behind the dams IF they failed during this mythical event. Of course this mythical event will have decimated the rest of Nanaimo, but that seems a fact our fable writers hope we will ignore and will for some reason or other sleep better at night knowing the flooded area beneath the dams, won't become even more flooded.

You really can't make this stuff up, and the fact that city hall seems to be trying to peddle it one more time speaks to just how gullible they must think the average taxpayer, and this council truly are.


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