Thursday, August 28, 2014


Wearing Three Hats
Asking For Readers Help

I started as the blogger guy who thought the local press was giving city hall a free ride. As time passed I felt the need for an organized taxpayer group that might actually get city hall to listen, so Don Graham and myself founded the Nanaimo Ratepayers Association which now is closing in on 200 members. Not enough to get the heads-down, butt-up, straight ahead group we have on council to listen since they have proven they don't listen to anyone except staff and Douglas White.

I have now finally come to the conclusion the only way to bring about any meaningful change at city hall is to jump into the fray and try to get elected which would at least give me some real say as to how the city is governed.

The result is now I am wearing three hats - the blogger - the Ratepayers Pres. and now a candidate for city council. The motivation for all three is the same ---- a concern for the future of Nanaimo and the direction city hall has taken us.

I have had some people ask if I am elected would I quit the blog, while others have asked if I intend to use the blog as my own bully pulpit to try and get myself elected. Both fair questions and both reasonable concerns. A third concern is the appearance that the Ratepayers Association was just a vehicle to try and get myself elected.

To the first question, if elected I do not intend to discontinue the blog, if anything I would hope it could become even more valuable when it comes to understanding how city hall operates. I would like to think it could open up the lines of communication between Nanaimo taxpayers and city hall and bring greater understanding as to how things really get done at 455 Wallace Street.

To the second question about turning the blog into my own personal election propaganda machine. I will give Jim Taylor the council candidate no more space than I would make available to any other candidate. In fact I intend to have one page on the blog available for all candidates to supply their bios and their election platforms. I have set up a Jim Taylor For Council website which will be devoted solely to trying to get myself elected to council. That site is at

To the question of using the Ratepayers Association as a ploy to get elected, nothing could be further from the truth. Seeking a seat on council when Don and I launched the Ratepayers Association was about the furthest thing from my mind. I will remain as the President of the Nanaimo Ratepayers Association and will continue to do what I can to make it a 'voice for the typical Nanaimo taxpayer', a voice that gets as much attention as the special interest groups council currently panders to.


I ask the readers of this blog to keep me honest when it comes to not using this blog as my own self-serving media and if you see me crossing any ethical lines I invite you to 'call me on it' via the comments section available on every post.

In the end, the reason for putting on all three hats, is rooted in a concern for what I see happening at city hall and what I describe as out-of-control taxing and spending with no attention paid to what the taxpayers of Nanaimo can afford. That is not a campaign speech, but a belief I have held for over three years now.

I thank you for keeping me honest in my approach to election coverage on this blog.


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