Friday, August 29, 2014

McKay Wants To Spend $10,000 On Conference

McKays' Motion Would Cost $10,000

Councillor Bill McKay has given a notice of motion that he intends to support the city taxpayer sponsoring the Zero Waste Conference to the tune of $10,000.

If you are interested in attending the four day conference the first three days can be attended for only $160.00 and you can register here.

This motion does raise a few questions:

  • Since the conference is not dependent upon City tax dollar support, and is being sponsored by those attending the event, you have to wonder why Councillor McKay is so eager to spend $10,000 on this event?
  • This couldn't possibly be a political ploy to curry favour with those opposed to the WTE at Duke Point?
  • If this conference is fully funded by registration fees etc. and the organizers did not apply to the city for funding, who will benefit from what is likely going to be a surplus $10,000? 
  • Is this organization required to open their books if they are in receipt of $10,000 from the city taxpayer?


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  1. The first and third comment has the assumption that the conference will be paid for by registrations. This is rarely the case. That's why there are 'sponsors.'
    If the conference provides us with ways to reduce our garbage, that creates jobs and more economic output without the very expensive option of incineration, could the $10,000 actually end up saving us millions while generating more revenue for the city?


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