Friday, August 01, 2014

Nanaimo Departure Bay 7 - 11 Bomb Threat

7 - 11 Bomb Threat Disruption

What turned out to be a hoax bomb threat aimed at the Departure Bay 7 - 11 on Friday afternoon caused a bit of traffic disruption and interfered with peoples' rest and relaxation on an otherwise great afternoon at the Bay.

A regular blog reader was actually on the scene when all the action began and alerted me to the event. He had just pulled into the parking lot to get a coffee and knew something was amiss as he witnessed the employees running from the building in obvious upset. A cruiser came into the parking lot and told the reader to get out of the area. The reader reports that some of the employees seemed visibly shaken by the exercise.

The police put cars all around a large area to keep people and cars out of the potential danger zone. The top photo shows two cars stopping traffic in Departure Bay while the bottom shows children and their supervisor heading up Wingrove Street getting well out of the area.


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  1. Sad that people do this sort of stuff for their own personal pleasure and amusement. Not only is it a drain on resources, occupying emergency crew away from other potential REAL calls; as the story reads, it traumatizes people. I wish people would have some consideration of the ripple affects to their actions.

    If those responsible are reading this: GROW UP.


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