Saturday, August 23, 2014



The renovations to the old Harbour Park Mall have clearly been a big improvement to the tired old mall that had been the centre of shopping for years. It gradually fell into decline as the commercial-march-north forever changed Nanaimo shopping habits. Once upon a time downtown Nanaimo was crawling with shoppers on a Saturday morning as Sears and Eatons offered up their wares from Harbour Park Mall. That trend of course now has changed and the same hordes head for Woodgrove, Nanaimo North Town Centre and Country Club Mall.

The same company that has renovated Port Place Mall are also the owners of the retail space on Commercial Street beneath the conference centre. Of note is the fact that Port Place Mall is all but leased out, while there are still many vacancies along Commercial Street. I dare say a traffic count on any given day would reveal that Port Place 'Mall' has replaced Commercial Street as the commercial street downtown.

It is unfortunate that city hall did not insist on the developer making the needed improvements to the Italian Fountain which arguably is a potential show piece for the new mall. Now it would appear the Nanaimo taxpayer is going to be fully on the hook for the repairs resulting from years of neglect.


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