Friday, August 22, 2014



While checking out local fishing the other day I observed a pleasant site. The young lady on the right was being instructed in the finer points of angling (by her father or brother) as she tried her luck at the mouth of the Millstone River downtown.

Large numbers of pinks are expected back this year which is great news for local fishing fans. Some folk turn up their nose at pinks, claiming they are only good for smoking, but I tend to disagree. I seldom have complaints when I add some lemon, butter, brown sugar, garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce to a filet, and then lay it skin down of the BBQ. I make sure to oil the skin, and put the filet into a basket to make it easy to lift off the grill.

Should there be some leftover (not likely) it makes for a great salmon sandwich when you mix the cold salmon with your favourite mayo and spice.


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