Monday, August 25, 2014


The new 'street' that now goes through Port Place Mall from Terminal Ave. to Front Street looked every bit the commercial street on Saturday afternoon with pedestrian traffic everywhere and a steady stream of cars taking advantage of the angle parking in front of the shops.

Commercial Street at the same time did have some activity but I dare say there was far more trade and commerce transacted in Port Place than along Commercial Street. The one thing the new commercial street has that the old Commercial Street is sadly lacking is a mix of merchants that attract you to the area.

Now about that Italian Fountain ....... when are the owners of Port Place Mall going to pony up and restore it to it's former glory like they should?



  1. As to the fountain, it was announced a few months back that it would be receiving a complete restoration.

  2. Here is a quote from 2012 which also appeared in the Bulletin:
    "Improvements will be made over the course of this year as it's really getting quite dilapidated," said Coun. Diana Johnstone. "It's been a landmark for some time, so we'll work with [Port Place owner] First Capital to make those improvements. First Capital has indicated it wishes the fountain to remain because it has been a landmark and a gift from the Italian community."

    The entire article can be seen here:

  3. For what it's worth I did see a crew working on the fountain earlier this summer. Haven't passed that way since so have no idea what was accomplished.


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