Wednesday, September 03, 2014


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Creating unwarranted fear

Flood Signs anger Harewood residents: Excessive number of signs warn people of a gigantic flood event that might happen in the next 34,000 years, lowering property values and creating unwarranted fear.

CDPPS continues to insist that flood signs need to be removed. The signs have created a sense of danger in our community that the studies do not support. The Technical Committee Update of May 26, 2014 states that extensive analysis now indicates that the dams are very unlikely to fail during an earthquake in a manner that would result in loss of life.

The risk analysis, using very conservative estimates, anticipates that in a 1,000 year event there would be no fatalities and low property damage as a consequence from our dams. A storm of this magnitude would allow significant notice and residents would likely have left their homes well before any possibility of dam failure. 

In the PMF,a storm event with a 50,000 year return period, engineers estimate that there could be 1 fatality if the dams were to fail in the time frame that is most predicted. Given that we are using very conservative numbers based on limited knowledge of how our dams would respond in a flood, we are requesting that a further study be done to more accurately assess the probability of dam failure due to extreme floods. With this information we can then find the least invasive and most cost effective method for any rehab work that may be required For the time being we see no reason to have tsunami signs in our community and every reason to have them removed immediately.



  1. just to be a devils advocate (sorta), is "tsunami" the right term to use? Just because a tsunami is the ocean wave generated by shifting plates in an off-shore quake, whereas the signs you refer to are the flood created by the mythical dam breach. Just a technical question.

  2. These signs are bringing down real estate opportunities and taking money out of the pockets of Harewood residents.

  3. When entering city limits, there should be signs warning us of City Council.

  4. the people who run nanaimo are just plain evil, the couldnt rip down the dams like they wanted to ( planned in their top secret meeting ) so to satisfy thier blood lust they rip down the caledonia stadium, destroy the track at the park, and try to call it an improvment, there is nothing improved about it, they are just obssessed with destruction, they dont even care what they destroy, totem poles, civic arena, ETC ETC ETC and they still drool about destroying the dams


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