Thursday, September 04, 2014

Chase River & Colliery Taps Off?

Does anyone know?

I was up to the old Nanaimo reservoir the other day, and then stopped in at both ponds (some call lakes) in Colliery Dam Park to see how the water was flowing these days.

The top picture is the area where fresh water used to come shooting into the reservoir creating mini-rainbows if the light was right. Remember? The lower picture is the nearly completely dry spillway at the middle dam in Colliery dam park.

I have asked different people if any of the water that used to flow into the reservoir also supplied the downstream Chase River or the Colliery Park ponds with differing answers. I have now sent a query to Mr. Sims at the City as I am certain he will know.

The water that used to flow freely into the old reservoir, as I understand has now been turned off, as the water now flows in closed pipes into the new reservoir just down the road.

If anyone knows if the lack of fresh water flowing into the reservoir has any impact on the fresh water available in Colliery Park or the Chase RIver please add your comments to this article.


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