Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Mark MacDonald Leaves Daily News

With the resignation of Hugh Nicholson and now Mark MacDonald it will be interesting to see what, if anything changes with Nanaimo's oldest newspaper.

I went into the Daily to deliver a press release about my council bid and asked to speak to the editor, Mark MacDonald. The receptionist paged Mark and soon another staffer came out to inform both the receptionist and myself that Mr. MacDonald resigned his position as editor yesterday.

I presume there will be a story in tomorrows Daily News, but I just couldn't resist being the lowly blogger-guy who scoops the local Daily.



  1. Congrats on your big scoop, Jim. Now ... what's the rest of the story?!!
    - Janet Irvine

  2. Mark handled the reigns well at the Daily going after city council and the bureaucracy.

    All the best! As he moves on to running for the Conservatives in the new federal riding of Nanaimo!

  3. I would be surprised if MM has "resigned". What if he is not successful in his political bid? Perhaps he has taken a "leave" of some kind?

    Cliff Marcil

  4. Not to diminish your accomplishment, but it's not too hard to scoop a paper whose home page's most recent news is often 4 days old. I think they need a new online news editor, as you can often get much more recent news about Nanaimo from the Victoria Times Colonist.

  5. To Cliff,

    Mark owns 4 business papers from the HQ on Cavan Street. And with all his connections do you really think he needs to come back to The Daily? NO!


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