Thursday, September 25, 2014

Letter From Gary Korpan

I see our current (for a few more months) Mayor and Council are once again proving my point - "It is real easy to spend other people's money. It is impossible for some to stop spending other people's money."

City staff recommended only to receive for information the report on the consultation process for the Port Theatre expansion. NOT to approve massive multi-million dollar spending for it.

This appears to be another end run around the normal process of scrutiny to determine which proposals are really a community priority. Since when is a rehearsal hall a priority over the long delayed Hammond Bay/Linley Valley fire hall? Or any number of other higher City needs?

Remember in November.

Gary Korpan



  1. Ignoring the process allows Councillors to pander to their special interest groups by denying regular folk the opportunity to disagree. Councillors knew full well that if that $6.5M Port Theatre giveaway was put on the agenda, there would be vocal opposition. We have seen it with Leadercast, we saw Anderson try it with the WTE (failed), we saw it with Linley Valley, we saw it with the Colliery Dams.

    It seems the front door is jammed, so now it all goes through the back door lately.

    Didn't all the council complain about the 90+hrs they spent on this new budget process in public - yet none of this was on that budget just 6 months ago.

  2. I think Mr.Korpan hit the nail on the head but missed a point with this line, "Remember in November."

    Well how many votes does a $6.5 million hand out to our arts community buy?

    Devon Kruggel


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