Friday, September 19, 2014


 Nanaimo Schools To Open Tuesday Sept. 23

The 86% yes vote by striking teachers will see schools across the province back in business next week.

Nanaimo area schools are tentatively set to open on Tueday, September 23 for a full day, with some exceptions as noted on the Districts' website. More information about specific school openings and exceptions can be seen at


Some districts have already announced that their schools will be open for students on Monday. Our district is delaying having students in schools until Tuesday for the following reasons:
  • Our school district was under picket lines all summer. This was not the case in most other districts. The picket lines meant that facilities support staff were not able to clean and prepare facilities for school opening, nor were office staff able to carry out the organizational and registration processes necessary to organize classes, students timetables, etc.
  • While teachers may be back to work on Friday, under the terms of the back-to-work agreement there will not be an opportunity for organizational meetings with teachers on Friday.
  • We need the day on Monday to ensure schools are safe and clean and ready for students, and to complete the necessary organizational tasks.
  • In other districts that have announced a Monday start, typically students are only attending for an hour on that day. Our first day for students on Tuesday will be all day for elementary students.


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