Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Right to Know Week highlights public information access
VICTORIA – The Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services Andrew Wilkinson has released the following statement to mark Right to Know Week in British Columbia, recognized internationally as a way to highlight the importance of access to information.

“Every year, Right to Know Week underscores the importance of access to information in British Columbia. The public’s right to understand what government is doing is a cornerstone of our democratic process.

“We are recognized as a leader in providing open data to the public to be used in research, to develop applications, or virtually any other imaginative use citizens can think of. Through DataBC, there are more than 3,000 datasets available with new data posted to the site regularly.

“Earlier this year, we made a significant amount of B.C.’s legislation, current and historical, available for free with the expansion of the BC Laws website. Previously this information was available by subscription.

“Our commitment to expanding access to information means we are always looking for better ways to provide information in accessible ways. I am happy to announce that in the coming months, we will begin to proactively release government purchasing-card data on a quarterly basis rather than at the end of the fiscal year with Public Accounts. We recognize that to keep pace with modern times, we need to provide this kind of information on a more frequent basis.

“There are a number of open government projects currently underway to enhance websites and make data, information and services more open and accessible. These projects will be rolling out over the coming months.”


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