Sunday, September 28, 2014


It's Nearly Election Nomination Day
and I haven't even photo shopped my photo!!!

When I first took a straw poll to see if I should consider throwing my hat in the ring, I got a considerable number of offers to assist in my bid for a seat on Nanaimo City Council.

Well, that was a few weeks back, and since nominations don't even officially open until Sept. 30 and remain open until Oct. 10 people are still not getting too excited about the upcoming election yet.

However, I am now realizing just how daunting a task it will be to get the attention of the 73% of Nanaimo voters who didn't even vote in the last election and am asking for as much help as anyone out there can offer.

Considering there are over 60,000 voters and 73% of them didn't vote last time, in order to speak to each one of them personally, I would have to reach about 1,000 people every day which would be about 42 people every hour for 24 hours per day 7 days per week, and well............ I doubt I can keep that pace up.

Immediate needs include:
  • Advice on running a successful campaign
  • Volunteers willing to deliver flyers in their neighourhoods
  • Supporters willing to host 'home coffee' meetings
  • Supporters who can spend some time on the phone helping get the word out
  • Money, of course money is helpful to fund some ads, signs and the other trappings of an election
I do have my website up which is a work in progress but does tell some of my story and lays out my platform and the issues I feel are important.

Anyone who does have the time to help with my bid is asked to send me an email letting me know what you feel you can contribute in the way of time and or advice.

My personal email is


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