Thursday, October 09, 2014

City Can't Afford To Fix Intersection?

No Money To Complete Work

An article in the local Daily reported that the intersection at Northfield and Boundary Ave. had been scheduled for improvements but a cost increase of $1,000,000 has put the project on hold until the funds can be found.

The above chart comes from ICBC and they report this intersection as the third highest for crashes on Vancouver Island just behind number two which is the Island Hwy. and Norwell Drive. The crash count at Northfield and Boundary in 2013 was 58 while the Island Hwy. and Norwell count was 60.

Not that far behind Nanaimo captured spot #5 at Island Hwy. and Mostar Rd. & Rutherford Rd. with a crash count of 55.

When you consider these stats are for the entire Vancouver Island the fact that Nanaimo has three of the worst crash sites, makes you wonder if it is our roads and intersections being poorly planned, or the fact Nanaimo drivers need to smarten up?

What is more disturbing than our having 3/10 of the worst crash sites on the Island, is the fact that our $200,000,000/yr. corporation can't scratch up another $1,000,000 to get this intersection dealt with. Perhaps not blowing off $2 million on the Colliery Dams, or $9 million on a park and putting the money to fixing a bad intersection would be a better use of tax dollars.


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