Monday, October 20, 2014

City Management Wages - Justified?

Given Current Economics Are These Wages Justified?

The argument made that you have to pay the best to get the best is often used to support high wages for senior managers at the City of Nanaimo. The question of course not asked is 'how do you know you are getting the best when you don't go to open competition'?

If memory serves, long serving City Mgr. Mr. Berry basically learned on the job and was never employed in any other city. His successor Mr. Kenning was promoted from within with no open competition when he assumed the role of City Mgr. and now we have Mr. Swabey filling that role having succeeded Mr. Kenning. None of these managers have ever been in the position of city manager in any other city and did not have to compete for their positions.

How do we know we are getting the best when we are clearly paying salaries that should guarantee we are getting the best but are not going to open competition.

On the question of justified wage levels, given the economic realities from 2008 to date, you have to wonder how a wage increase of nearly $40,000/yr. is justified when someone is already earning nearly $200,000/yr.

A good question to ask your incumbent Mayor and Council when they are asking for your vote this November.


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