Friday, October 03, 2014

Councillor Brennan Comments On Twitter

Recently the City of Nanaimo received an award for the budget presentation, a notice on the city website says:

The City of Nanaimo has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the 2014-2018 Financial Plan by the Canada/US Government Finance Officers Association.

Like many of these awards, I don't know how legitimate they really are and since I don't remember hearing we won one before, can I conclude this is the first year we did it right? If the fact the budget took 80 hours to explain is the basis for the award then by all means we should be recognized, it was grueling.


Follows is a tweet from Councillor Brennans' twitter page:

"Contrary to opinion of minor group of council watchers #Nanaimo chosen top budget presenters by distinguished Nth American finance officers"

I have asked Councillor Brennan to explain this comment and present support for her claim that this award somehow discredits a 'minor group of council watchers'.

I recognize that in the run-up to the civic election there will be posturing and spinning on the part of all those wishing to get a seat at city hall but this simple tweet demonstrates a clever attempt to justify the way this council has been handling your tax dollars these past three years.

The implication from Councillor Brennan would seem to be that because the city was honored with a budget presentation award that somehow discredits a "minor group of council watchers".

It is this type of sleight of hand that would try and direct voter attention away from the fact that Councillor Brennan was fully supportive of the wasteful spending of a million dollars or so on the Colliery Dam debacle last year.



  1. After reading a bit on the GFOA web site it seems this is much like the awards companies give themselves for improving the bottom line.
    Check out what most of the people on their board of directors do for employment:

  2. Brennan must really think the public and voters are so stupid as to buy this B.S.

    She keeps talking down to citizens like her colleague does who sits to her left.


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