Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diane Brennan Thinks Taxes Are Fine

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Councillor Brennan Claims No Taxpayer Fatique
Uses Ipsos Reid Poll To Support Her Case

At the electronic town hall meeting held March 26, 2013 Councillor Brennan offered her opinion on the matter of taxpayer fatigue in the city of Nanaimo.

If you listen to the entire discourse of Councillor Brennan it is clear she sees no evidence of taxpayer fatigue. It is interesting she quotes the Ipsos Reid survey to support her claim there is no evidence of such fatigue.

Now if you look at page 18 of the survey she is quoting here is what you will find:

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The question posed to those taking the survey asked if increased taxes or seeing a reduction in services was preferred. On this one question the respondents were split nearly 50/50.

43% of respondents said to increase taxes to either maintain current levels or enhance services.

41% of respondents said to cut services to either maintain current tax levels or cut services to reduce taxes.

When nearly 50% of those who answered the question said they would sooner see services cut before any more tax increases, it clearly is a sign of taxpayer fatigue. It seems that Councillor Brennan did not give this survey a very thorough read.


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