Friday, October 10, 2014

Geraldine Manson - Nanaimo City Council

Geraldine Manson, a First Nation woman
announces her candidacy for Nanaimo City Council.

Geraldine’s strength lies in the recognition that the power of community to determine a course of action lies in everyone being valued and engaged.

Ms. Manson has a strong commitment to advocacy and building bridges by listening and responding to the voices rarely heard from all walks of life within the community of Nanaimo. 

There is a teaching that was shared with Geraldine by her Elders that has encouraged her to be ‘a voice, legs and eyes for those who cannot do so’. 

Ms. Manson recognizes and takes into consideration that there are differences in cultures, different ways of living; different generations and different income levels for those living within the City of Nanaimo.  She acknowledges the relationship that exists between her communities of Vancouver Island University, Snuneymuxw First Nation and the City of Nanaimo. These relationships have been formed over the years and bring overall strength to Nanaimo’s community.

Geraldine has twelve years of experience serving as a council member for Snuneymuxw First Nation. She served her Nation in capacities including over seventeen years as Cultural/Elders’ Advisor.  She is a life-long resident of Nanaimo and is considered a valued leader and mentor within the communities she represents. Geraldine spearheaded the ‘Justice Circle’ within her community with many success stories emanating from that experience.

At present Ms. Manson is employed as ‘Elder-in-Resident’ at Vancouver Island University. She shares her Traditional Knowledge working with all programs within the Health & Human Services area, while providing traditional curriculum for these programs.

Ms. Manson holds valuable cultural knowledge rooted in the traditions and wisdom of all communities. Because of her local knowledge, Geraldine serves as a resource person whenever Archaeological Projects are planned within the City of Nanaimo.

Geraldine is committed to:
•    Acting with respect - respect towards individuals’ and communities
•    Being the voice, the legs and eyes for all those who cannot do so
•    Transparency and accountability which will be achieved through ongoing communications via social media updating the community on a bi-weekly basis

“Geraldine is a wonderful, strong lady to be running for City Council. She deserves to have this chance and make a difference in the Nanaimo community. Vote for her!” Ashley Helgason.

Email: Phone:  250-618-1686
Facebook/Elect Geraldine Manson to Nanaimo City Council   


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