Thursday, October 02, 2014

More Open Municpal Government??


I can't remember if this has been the policy in the past, but if so it raises some issues, and if not it really raises some issues.

On this coming COW agenda is an item discussing the broadcasting and recording of Council and COW meetings within 30 days of the November 15 election.

The report says that meetings within 30 days of an election are not televised by Shaw. For the upcoming November 15 election, staff will follow a similar practice where meetings will continue to be recorded but not available as a live stream or provided for viewing on the website following the meeting. After the election, all meeting video recordings will be posted to the City website.

Comment: I presume I will still be able to report on my blog what I have observed, or must I wait until after the election also??


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  1. Are council meetings not being televised 30-days before the civic election so voters won't see how dumb incumbents are???


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