Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tales from the campaign trail

I'm in the doghouse already!

Wow, does this running for council take over your thinking, time and energy! Not complaining, just stating the facts.

Started out yesterday morning early with my 'sign crew' cap on as I knew of a few signs beaten up a bit by the weather and one destroyed completely that needed attention. On the way around the corner I noticed my neighbour had put out his garbage cans and it hadn't even crossed my mind, although in the last 20 years I doubt I have forgotten any more than twice. That wasn't too bad except that last week I did the same thing and missed completely. With my 'thinker' in full-on campaign mode thinking about sign placement and how I can possibly speak to as many people as possible before the election there simply was no more capacity on my CPU.

The rest of my day went fairly smoothly being able to accomplish what I had set out to do which hopefully helped me improve my chances of winning a seat on city council. It is indeed a daunting task and I must say I am always pleasantly surprised when I get some encouragement from someone I don't even know. Meeting so many good folk is one of the biggest unexpected rewards to this campaigning business as I must admit when I am constantly focused on the going on at city hall, it hasn't done much for my outlook. I am particularly impressed with the quality of candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring in an effort to improve their city.

Anyway, the rest of the day went very well and the evening found me in front of my pc splitting my time with 'election stuff' and Nanaimo Info Blog stuff. at about 9:30 pm my son in Victoria called and after the usual pleasantries I told him I presumed he had something on his mind to be calling, to which he replied, that he was just calling to wish his mother (my wife) a happy birthday before the day was over!

You can probably figure out now, why I am, in the doghouse!!!


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