Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tug Sinks In Northumberland Channel

 'Samantha J' In Dodd Narrows  
Photo Credit Jan de Bree under Creative Commons licence


Last Monday the tug 'Samantha J' owned by Jones Marine Group from Chemainus  was overcome by the barge it was towing resulting in her sinking in about 230 feet of water in Northumberland Channel by Gabriola Bluffs.

The crew were able to climb aboard the barge and except for a minor cut were only a little cold, wet and shaken. They were taken ashore to a waiting ambulance. John Lucas and a fellow employee were the first responders to the incident and aided in the safe recovery of the barge which was attached to the sunken vessel.

As of Wednesday evening the vessel had stopped leaking fuel and it will be up to the Nanaimo Port Authority, Coastguard and Fisheries to determine if the vessel can remain on the bottom or be recovered.

The situation is under investigation by the Transportation Safety Board.


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  1. I see the Samantha J is back on the ways at Jones shipyard after having been raised from the depths. Cool


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