Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Work Underway On Italian Fountain

Crew Begins Fountain Repairs/Upgrades

The Italian Fountain downtown is finally getting some much overdue attention as crews have emptied the fountain and were power washing and cleaning the interior of the pool area.

It is understood they will be doing repairs to stop the current leaks the pool has developed as well as upgrading electrical and pumping components of the fountain.

The pool was gifted to the city years ago by the Italian community, some of whom are less than pleased with the disrepair the city allowed the fountain to suffer.

Readers of this blog will know, one of my pet peeves is why the owners of Port Place Mall were not required to bring the fountain up to it's former glory as part of their major renovation of what was once known as Harbour Park Mall. Their property has seen considerable uplift in value and a community contribution to the fountain would not have been out of order. In fact Councillor Johnstone was reported in the Bulletin as saying Port Place would be helping with the fountain, this humble scribe has not been able to find out why that didn't happen.



  1. 'Bout time. This should be a downtown attraction if it was properly maintained. A step in the right direction.
    Cliff Marcil

  2. they didnt fix it, they broke it, what a surprise, now instead of a water fountain it has a traffic pylon in it, what a joke


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