Saturday, October 11, 2014



There is no level of government over which you can have a direct influence greater than your local civic government. You may know the names of Premiers and Prime Ministers and not be able to name your Mayor and Council, but your Mayor and Council will have a direct effect on your day to day life, more than any senior level of government.

When you got up this morning and threw some water on your face, the water was there thanks to local government. When you flushed the toilet it provided sanitation thanks to local government. On your way out the door you put your garbage and recyclables at the curb where they are picked up thanks to local government. If you have a sidewalk and gutter in front of your house that is thanks to local government. The roads you drive on are also thanks to local government as is the playground up the street your kids enjoy. The fire and police departments are always at the ready should you need them thanks to local government.

The pools, ice rinks, sports fields, fitness gyms, acres and acres of parkland and kilometres and kilometres of accessible waterfront are all also thanks to local government.

All of these services that are such a vital part of our day to day lives are thanks to local government which each and every one of us should be interested in. Yet, to our shame only 26.9% of us voted during the last civic election, a fact that should cause all of us to hang our heads. Forget all the excuses 'about being too busy', 'your vote doesn't matter', 'they just do what they want anyway' or the classic 'they are all the same anyway, it doesn't matter who you elect they just tax and spend and give themselves raises'.

While politicians have indeed played their part in some of these perceptions, it is the fault of a disconnected electorate that has allowed it to happen. This November 15, you will have the opportunity to exercise your Vote and thereby let your Voice be heard by selecting the Mayor and Council that will guide our city for the next four years.

Exercise your franchise wisely, get to know the issues, the candidates and apply your ability to think, and choose the people you want to have the biggest impact on your life seated in local government.



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