Friday, November 07, 2014

BC FERRIES - A Three-act Play

We have just witnessed a common three-act play staring BC Ferries, a government minister and our local MLA.

In the first act BC Ferries announces they are considering axing their service between Departure Bay and Horseshoe Bay, claiming a $200,000,000 deck upgrade at Horseshoe Bay is simply more than they can afford. This announcement is met with shock by Nanaimo residents, which soon turns to much clamoring about how we will never let it happen.

In the second act the government minister responsible announces he will simply never allow that to happen, and later our MLA chimes in claiming it was their lobbying that brought about the change. In any case, the community breathes a sigh of relief and carries on.

In the third act BC Ferries now explains that since they are unable to save the money upgrades will cost them they will have to seek other means of covering their costs, which of course means another round of fare increases. Which of course was the end game all along.

Only those who have never seen this play before may actually believe what any of the actors were saying.


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