Monday, November 03, 2014

Colliery Dam Seems A Mystery To This Council

Once again, in the continuing saga that is Colliery Dam, this council has demonstrated an unexplained lack of ability to follow logic.

Jeff Solomon of the CDPPS once again unsuccessfully tried to get this council to follow some logic, that could very well save more tax dollars. Council still didn't seem to understand what was before them, nor what was being presented by Mr. Solomon.

One staff recommendation contained a three part course-
  • review water distribution in overtopping situation and how it impacts overtopping flow rate
  • review capacity of existing spillway and
  • review concept of alternate swale/drainage course to Harewood Creek
They did not seem to be able to grasp the fact that depending on the results of the first two bullets, the third item may be unnecessary.


Included in the staff report was the following recommendation:

Analyze core wall in overtopping event:
  • determine dimensions and geometry of concrete core wall;
  • determine where core wall is located in relationship to bedrock;
  • confirm overtopping for design event (height, duration, etc.) with and without Middle Dam; and
  • undertake structural analysis to determine how core wall (unsupported) performs during overtopping in design flood event with and without Middle Dam, using both 4 ft. and larger dam width.
Total estimated cost for these studies was $25,000 - $59,000.

Now you must note that this is to determine the dams performance in an overtopping event, however what is notable is what we still don't know after spending $2.5 million.

We do not know the dimensions and geometry of the concrete core wall, nor do we know where the core wall is located in relationship to bedrock.

How in the name of HE (double hockey sticks) can we have come to all of the previous conclusions about the strength and stability of these dams without knowing this information.

The fault for not already knowing these answers lies squarely with our 'professional' staff at city hall, who are responsible for determining the scope of the studies we have now paid millions of dollars for. And they never included determining the dimensions and geometry of the concrete wall, nor where it is located in relationship to bedrock.

Really??? That is the kind of professional advice we are paying top dollar for??

It probably isn't fair to blame this council for spending $2.5 million and nearly two years and still not knowing the dimensions of the concrete wall, after all they aren't supposed to bring critical thinking to the table, the mantra from many of them is to simply blindly follow the professional staff.


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