Saturday, November 22, 2014

Council Seating Change - $4,000

One of the recommendations that came out of the Goverance Steering Committee report was by changing the configuration of the seating in Shaw Auditorium it would improve how city council conducts their meetings.

This is the same committee which cost taxpayers about $100,000 to hire consultants to tell the Mayor and City Manager how to interpret Roberts Rules of Order and the Community Charter.

Originally it was estimated to cost $8,000 for the changes, but staff are saying it can be completed internally for $4,000. I presume this is the material cost and the labour cost associated is not being counted as the staff are already on the payroll.

If I understand this project was already approved by this council and this is just a report on the progress of the work to be completed in Dec. 2014.

Note: I assume that Nanaimo City Council are not the only users of Shaw Auditorium, so I wonder how this configuration works to accommodate other users of the auditorium? It appears to greatly reduce the usable floor area in front of the existing council desks.



  1. And it accomplishes what staff really want and that is to appear to be at the same level as council and mayor. (ie they are sitting at the same table and therefore have the same authority) This plan must have been touted by staff and an outgoing councillor? Wait I know why this is being done..... it's because other BIG cities have this set up so we want it too.... right?
    Cliff Marcil

  2. Wait!
    I thought staff was nowhere to be found like at EVERY other city. If you're not elected you don't get to sit at the Big Kids table!!!!

  3. Submitted by Janet Irvine -
    One example of this new arrangement can be found at City of North Vancouver
    Video recordings of council meetings are under the tab “Your Government”.

  4. My first post did not go through - I think anything we can do to encourage our elected leaders to lead together. To debate. To deliberate all on their own without the watchful disapproving gaze of the all powerful city manager. If building a new seat arrangement gives council its independence and take senior city staff from a place of dominance let's do it.

  5. If it ain't broke....fix it.

    If we're reducing the reasons why council was the way it was, because of the seating configuration, then we are truly screwed.


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