Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The above cartoon appears in todays Nanaimo Daily News ( or Snooze as they are sometimes known).  I added a little colour to the screengrab I took of their version.

Those purveyors of ad-delivery systems, and in the Bullies case, flyer delivery systems don't seem to be willing to provide any election news that hasn't been sponsored by a candidate. I don't expect them to give ink to every two bit council candidate (self included) that is merely trying to promote themselves. But when three or four days before the election they put some pablum on the front page identifying what they feel are 'election issues' and have provided zero coverage of those issues during the election campaign ......................... well, 'nuff said.

Where was the coverage of the levels of taxation that 50% of residents surveyed said was already too high? What exactly is meant by a core review and why do we need one, and why didn't the incumbent have one? Why have we spent $2.5 million on the Colliery Dams ($1 million on wrong information) and still don't know what we are doing? Why the Leadercast cover-up? Why selling the old annex for $1?? Where does the Port Theatre expansion funding come from?

That is just a short list from this pathetic blogger guy, who can't understand why the professional 'journalists' in this town can't seem to identify an issue, unless Mr. Cooper claims it is one.


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