Thursday, November 27, 2014

Letter to the Editor

Immediate reforms to restore confidence in Council

This Monday the newly elected Mayor and Council will be sworn into office at the Port of Nanaimo Conference Centre in public session open to everyone. The peaceful transition of government is one of the most inspiring and important components of democracy.

Given the degradation of democratic principles by the outgoing Mayor and Council, it will be a challenge to restore public confidence. Immediate reforms to restore such confidence in Council include the following.

A resolution this Monday by the new Council stating: "Unless required by law, Nanaimo City Council shall direct that all 'confidential', 'secret', or 'in-camera' communications of all types shall be made public and posted online as soon as they are no longer needed solely to protect the interests of the citizens of Nanaimo."

Further, a resolution this Monday by the new Council stating: "It is the policy of Nanaimo City Council to provide open, accessible governance and any policy that unduly prevents that is hereby rescinded.No unreasonable restrictions on public questions in open, public Council meetings shall be permitted."

This is a good start. More to follow. Now let's get on with the core reviews of all City functions, programs, processes, and facilities.

Gary Korpan


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