Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Censorship From Mayor Ruttan

Nanaimo resident Dominic Jones
Delegate not allowed to speak
"Nanaimo residents have been cheated of the result they actually sought on election day"

At the November 24 Nanaimo City Council meeting, Nanaimo resident Dominic Jones attempted to present his concerns about the recent election results given the illegal use of social media by Mrs. Diane Brennan.

The complaint which Mr. Jones filed with Elections BC has been previously published on this website and can be viewed in it's entirety HERE.  As I understand the purpose of his delegation was to have his complaint become a part of the city record, as council were receiving the official results of the election.

As soon as Jones made reference to Mrs. Diane Brennan he was challenged and told his presentation could not be a 'personal attack' on Brennan. Jones continued a short time before being challenged by Councillor Anderson and I believe Brennan along the same line claiming a point of order and that the substance of the delegation was not related to the agenda item.

After not being allowed to make his presentation Jones was allowed to have the written presentation put on the record which was submitted to staff.

Mayor offside with ruling?

Mayor Ruttan earned a reputation for secrecy and lack of transparency during this last term in office, and his performance at his last council meeting is yet another example of what appears a desire to silence any voice he doesn't agree with. In this case he prevented a citizen from exercising their right to speak in open council with no valid reason for doing so. Of course he was pressed by the 'point-of-order' twins, Councillors Anderson and Brennan and as usual the balance of council seem impotent to intervene. Perhaps they don't wish to expose their ignorance of the procedural rules by challenging their fellow Councillors.

Councillor Diane Brennan
Impact of internet campaigning on election day?

At issue with Mr. Jones is his concern of four instances of unlawful advertising by Mrs. Diane Brennan which are unlawful under Section 45 (3) (a) of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

In his written submission (entered into the record, but not allowed to be presented publicly), Jones notes the recent election results show the electorate delivered an emphatic rebuke to Mrs. Brennan in the election. Despite increased voter turnout, Brennan's popular support fell from 7.3% of the poll in 2011 to 4.7% in 2014, a drop of 35% receiving 1,338 fewer votes in spite of increased turnout.

He further notes Brennan squeaked into office with just 100 votes or 0.08% over the next candidate, who actually received slightly more votes than in the prior election. Now the question is what impact did Mrs. Brennan's unlawful internet campaigning on general voting day have on the outcome of the election.

You can download and read Mr. Jones Delegation to Nanaimo City Council HERE.



  1. What a joke. Anderson, Ruttan and Brennan were determined to stop any information regarding the illegal use of social media by Diane Brennan. Why was it even necessary for Ruttan to make his comments before the delegations even said BOO! Point of Order? There was none. So is it the case that when someone is named in a delegation presentation that it is a "personal attack"? I question whether Diane Brennan should even have been allowed to participate in the discussion as to whether a delegation should have been allowed to continue with the presentation but as usual she was actively pressuring Ruttan to muzzle the speaker. What a display of inadequacy, incompetence, coverup, and democratic bullying this was! It would not surprise me to hear that from now on anything related to this issue will be dealt with INCAMERA........
    Cliff Marcil

  2. Glad YOU'RE BACK Jim!

    Last night's council meeting showed the immaturity of outgoing Coun. George Anderson (Point of Order misuse King) and proved he has no future in anything, except as Coun. Diane Brennan's puppet.

    Brennan showed again she is not a socialist nor a fighter for the little man and definitely not an upholder of morale justice.


    And outgoing Mayor John Ruttan, again, showed he does not know Roberts Rules of Order and relies on two councillors who bully him.

    The foursome of Brennan, Anderson, Ruttan and city manager Ted Swabey should not have been huddled shortly before the council meeting to discuss their strategy for stifling democracy and how they all should stop Mr. Jones and other presenters from democratically speaking at the public podium.


    Kevan Shaw


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