Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nanaimo Back On SUN News

Ezra Levant
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Nanaimo made it back into a SUN News commentary by Ezra Levant. He offers a recap of the Leadercast debacle which brought Nanaimo some negative attention last summer and ties the event to our recent election.

This should finally put this unpleasant chapter of the last council to rest. Except for some full disclosure as to what really happened at city hall which led to that ill-conceived motion bringing fury down on our heads.

There is much speculation around little old Nanaimo, that this whole event had been orchestrated by some staff at city hall and the convention centre in an effort to make city council the fall-guy for what was an illegal action by city hall staff. The contortions city hall went through keeping Bestwicks' notion of motion under wraps just adds fuel to the fire as to what really happened.

Since this event a senior staffer is noticeably absent these days and rumor has it they are on sick leave, the cause of the illness in some corners is suggested to be a case of Leadercast-itis!

But then again, this is Nanaimo and there could be no basis for this bit of speculation/gossip.
My new byline:

Jim Taylor .....  
Nanaimo Councillor-in-waiting



  1. Ezra did the city a great service by getting involved. Now, if we can just get to the bottom of the cover up and get a report that is not half blacked out.

  2. Sick leave? How sick is that? Who is paying for this? I feel sick too.

  3. And the chronology of events that was released by the City shows that Councillor P. asked that staff member to help him.

  4. Hey Jim ... In the above Sun News commentary that you posted, Ezra says something like, "Bill Bestwick had the courage to come on this TV show and apologize." Question: Did BB actually appear on Ezra's show and apologize? I must have missed that one!! I did see BB's apology in the article in the NDN.

    And what about Kipp getting re-elected? Kipp was the ONLY councilor who referred to "Christians", when he spoke at that infamous committee of the whole meeting of May 5, 2014.


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