Monday, November 17, 2014

Nanaimo City Council Meetings 2014


A friend asked me the other day, if the current sitting council would be conducting any more city business, I hastily responded I didn't think so as I was sure now that we have a new council, they are the ones the electorate want making decisions for them. I was wrong, as the above calendar clearly shows.

This sitting council has one more COW meeting (Nov. 17) and one more Council meeting (Nov. 24) before they vacate city office and the new council takes the reins.


GOVERNANCE REVIEW COMMITTEE ...... this one piece of 'work' by the current council could effectively gag much of the public during open council sessions and is a dangerous piece of work put together by out-going Councillor Greves and his committee. It likely has strong support of city staff and particular city manager Mr. Swabey who has said on camera (not in-camera) that the public is present to observe and not participate.

LOCK IN THE PORT THEATRE EXPANSION ....... to make sure Nanaimo taxpayers will have to honor whatever they chose to give the Port Theatre Society (just before the election) which was given at the Sept. 8 council meeting at which the society made a presentation but made no 'ask'. Call me a cycnic but during the election I read someplace that if I as a candidate were guilty of vote-buying I would be in BIG trouble.

Seems that vote-buying is restricted to duly elected councillors only!
My new byline:

Jim Taylor .....  
Nanaimo Councillor-in-waiting



  1. This Council is a lame duck Council and any authority and action should be limited to routine, maintenance and emergency type measures only. I expect this Council to conduct itself accordingly.
    Cliff Marcil

  2. Cliff, was there ever a time this Council as not a lame duck?

  3. Jim you're driving me quackers with these wise quacks.


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