Saturday, November 15, 2014

Post Election Thoughts


Seeking a seat on city council has been a thought and time consuming exercise for the past two months and has pretty much consumed most of my time. I am sure regular readers of this blog have noticed the decline in quality content over the past two months.

That is ironic in some ways, as covering the local political scene is what this blog has earned a well-deserved reputation for. However, as I chose to run as a candidate I could not report or comment on the election in any way that might be perceived as self-serving. I was pretty much gagged.

While I did not earn a seat on council I must say, I was amazed at the level of support Nanaimo voters gave me with a total of 5658 votes cast in my favour. While this still put me 890 seats out of the winning it is still an incredible number of people willing to give me their vote and for that I am truly humbled.

I am personally pleased to see the number of new faces on council and the number of old faces, not on council for the next four years.

I wish our new Mayor and his council all the best as they take upon the daunting task of guiding our city for the next four years.

PS:  I am looking forward to holding this new council's feet to the fire and put new Councillor Gordon Fuller on notice, he will now have to 'take' pointed questions during question period!



  1. Well said Jim, and I 'm sure you will keep there feet to the fire! Better luck next time :-)

  2. You had a lot of support, something to be very proud of (I voted for you) may be disappointed but getting back to what you are good at and truly enjoy is good for the rest of us and ultimately good for you as well. Everything is as it should be and life goes on.

  3. Jim, thank you for running. I am a lilttle baffled you didn't get more votes. You definitely did get mine.

  4. Jim, I think you would have made an excellent councillor! I voted for you, keep up the good work, and run again!

  5. Hold your head high Jim, 5658 votes is awesome for a first-time try!

    Out of all the newcomers, you were the one who has dug in to council the most with good questioning and reasonable thought.

    You deserved a seat at the table!


  6. I too, voted for you, assuming you would get a seat. I was actually surprised and disappointed you didn't garner enough votes (pretty close though). I commend you on your diligence and tenacity at trying to keep council accountable through your blog, and having the mettle to walk the walk, trying to improve things for our city.

    Running any kind of an election campaign, no doubt, requires a ton of work, dedication and selflessness, so congrats on your effort. Hopefully you will want to try again in 4 years, (but I wouldn't blame you if you don't).

  7. I am GLAD you are back! Sorry you did not win a seat.. you fared much better and got more votes than many! You certainly got my support! I will bring the BBQ starter fluid!

  8. Sometimes voters are fickled. You ran a good campaign and your voice at the Council table would have been a breath of fresh air. Please keep their feet to the fire.

  9. Jim, I too voted for you and was disappointed you didn't garner more votes. I thought you would have brought sensibility and a bit of balance to the council. Regardless, your blog has given me tremendous insight into the city, to which, without such streamlined information, I don't think I would have been as well prepared as I was for this vote. I'd like to thank you for your efforts with this blog and your willingness to devote more of yourself had you been elected. There's always next time.

  10. Thanks Jim for taking the time and effort to do this blog and especially run for council. I totally support you and appreciate your questions on city affairs,
    You shine light on some questionable darker subjects.

  11. You will always get my vote, just a pity, about the Councillor in waiting thingy. There's a huge need for Councillor's like you holding those to account. Nevertheless please keep up your excellent blog which you devote yourself effortlessly too.


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