Saturday, December 13, 2014


WEVote NANAIMO - Active Democracy in Nanaimo

Gordon Halkett, WEVote Canada founder explains the idea behind both the website and the Facebook Group:

"We Vote Canada is about supporting/promoting the idea for online voting, but I acknowledge that that is likely many years away. Most every social movement starts at the grass routes,which is what we are doing here.

We Vote Nanaimo is a way to bring awareness and an acceptance of voting online to the politicians, and to the public.

I/we want to open the door of communication between the public & our appointed/ elected representatives. They need to hear what the people think, and the people need to hear what they think/ or decide upon. We need more communication & more facts.

I and WVC is non partisan , and we will post & discuss timely topics from any group, or person who has a topic, that I/we think could benefit from public input, IE -a vote- with the results published openly- without editing.

I/we will publish & send the voting results directly to the elected/appointed representatives on a timely basis- so everyone knows.

To visit the Facebook WEVote NANAIMO group where you can participate in the conversation or just see what others are thinking about current topics in Nanaimo, visit their page HERE.


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  1. It would be GREAT if taxpayers could actually vote on expenditures instead of council. It would be much more democratic and fair with NO hanky-panky favours for special interest groups or individual buds.


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