Thursday, December 11, 2014

Can Someone Explain These Tourism Jobs?

Stats always give me trouble

I know it is probably too late and my thinker just isn't working properly but when I was reading the above document from Chemistry Consulting Group, I have to say I got really confused.

In the red circled area the statement is made that in Nanaimo and Region there are 2.154 tourism related businesses, which provide 3.370 household sustaining jobs in the region. This would mean each business provides 1.56 jobs, I presume mostly mom and pops??

It also claims to generate employment income of about $90.3 million. If you distribute $90.3 million among the 3,370 jobs in the region, each person is earning about $26,700.00. Which is not what I would call household supporting, even by Nanaimo standards.

Anyway, as I said, it's late and my thinker is just probably missing something so I shot off an email to Mr. Angus at the NEDC whose explanation will make me feel like an idiot for not seeing it from the numbers presented.



  1. The flaw with these stats is, i suspect, that they count every job in the hotel, pub & restaurant sector as a "tourism job"

  2. To further elaborate 3370 jobs is very close to the total number of people shown as working afew years ago in food services and accommodation. To attribute all of these jobs to tourism is, of course, quite ridiculous. Even downtown businesses like the Oxy or Gabriels depend heavily on locals - just ask the owners. The local hotel owners will tell you that most of their room rentals outside of July and August are to business people or tradespeople who are in town for work purposes.


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