Saturday, December 13, 2014


If you are a recent newcomer to Nanaimo you probably have no idea what this building is nor what is it's history. 

If, however you have been here for 20+ years you will know exactly what this building is and even more importantly what it's history is and what part it has played in Nanaimo over the years.



  1. This would have made a great conference centre for about 3 million bucks.

  2. I got it, I got it!

    This was the place where all of Nanaimo gathered for dances, hockey, lacrosse, public events lke the Crowning of the May Queen (come'on you remember!), Bathtub Days festivities, the Circus.

    I was ahead of its time - for today we have nothing like this one spot Town Square for the entire city of 90,000 residents.

    Have we really progressed with a downtown conference centre which hardly any locals go to and bleeds money - or Krall Plaza which sees a handful of events a year.

    The days of the CIvic Arena my friends - those were the days of community.



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