Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Canadian Property Prices - Two Points of View

RE/MAX Forecast Rising Residential Property Prices

This business report points to further increases in property prices across the country and offers several reasons to support their optimism.

Bank of Canada Warning Houses Overvalued by 30%

This Financial Post article reports the Bank of Canada estimates that house prices in Canada are overvalued by as much as 30% and warned that household debt is the biggest risk to the Canadian economy.

A recent Financial Post article referred to our auto loan bubble as a ticking time bomb and reported how a 2014 Nissan with a value of $18.000 was going to cost the subject $55,000 by the time it was paid for after rolling his student loan into the car loan. Consumers are borrowing up to 135% of a car's value when financing the car to pay older debt.


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