Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Colliery Dam 'Typical Winter Flow'

 Spillway handling increased flows
Water level 'typical for a winter flow'

While the Colliery Dams Park lakes are significantly higher than during the summer they are still far from posing a threat to nearby residents. While the water is rushing down the spillway and crashing over the waterfall the water level is still well below need for concern.

The city emergency program calls for notifying residents when the water is at .9 on the measuring stake and must reach 1.2 before evacuation is considered. There is still considerable debate as to whether this is still not over-reacting to the perceived threat.

The water level was at .4 when I was there at 1:30 pm Tuesday. With the forecast for continuing rainfall the dams will be regularly monitored and residents warned should levels warrant.


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  1. I think it is important for folks to understand that even if the water rises above the 1 m mark on the guage that the water level at that point will still need to rise another 80 cms before it equals the height of the dam crest. Moreover even at that height there is no water running over the crest of the dam and the water would still need to rise another 80 cms and stay at the level for hours (if not days) before there would be any real danger of the dam embankment being eroded substantially. I think now that one can begin to understand just how silly and far fetched the dam failure from flooding is.......
    Cliff Marcil


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