Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elevated Turbidity May Result In Cloudy Tap Water

Due to the increased rainfall in the City's watershed (235 mm in the past 48 hours) resulting in an elevated rate of flow and a subsequent rise in turbidity (a measure of the cloudiness of the water), residents may notice discolouration in supplied water due to sedimentation. 

 Regular measures to disinfect supplied water continue to be carried out by the City, with monitoring occurring and communication with Island Health in place.  At this time a boil advisory has NOT been issued. Water Supply Operations have ensured that its disinfection equipment is effectively disinfecting water throughout the system.

Another turbidity spike is expected to enter the system overnight.  City staff have provided an update to Island Health, and as a result are issuing this update.  Monitoring of turbidity in the watershed and within the system is ongoing.

Boil Water If You Have Compromised Immune System or Elderly

As a precaution, the City is advising those that have compromised immune systems and the elderly to boil water before drinking, or seek alternate sources.  If high rainfall persists and turbidity continues to increase, a boil advisory MAY be issued to the general public.  The City is directly advising long-term care facilities of this update.


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