Sunday, December 07, 2014

Horse Trolley Downtown Nanaimo

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Was this horse having fun?

I went downtown on Saturday to grab a few pictures of the horse drawn trolley that was a part of the Christmas downtown promotion along with Santa in his workshop on Gordon Street.

These pictures were taken around 3:30 PM so I presume this would have been the last 'shift' of the day for the two horses pulling the wagon with 10+ passengers. When I drove past the wagon I couldn't help but notice the one horse looked like he had been out in the rain all afternoon, his long hair matted and clearly soaking wet.

On reflection afterwards I think that this one horse was either very much out of shape, or his partner was not pulling their share of the load. You will notice in the top photo he/she seems to be making pretty heavy weather of it, and in the bottom picture he/she is clearly soaking wet. You might expect that, if the horse had been running but not simply pulling a wagon. 


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