Monday, December 08, 2014

Hydrogen Buses On The Block

An article in Huffpost reports that the 20 hydrogen powered buses used to showcase the technology during the 2010 Winter Olympics are being sold or converted to diesel.

BC Transit is now taking bids on the buses (in storage for the past two months) and will either sell them or convert them to diesel or another fuel. The buses have about 200,000 kilometres on them and were part of a high profile $90 million project.

It is reported that Whistler's hydrogen buses cost $1.34/km to maintain, versus $0.65/km for diesel powered buses. The hydrogen fuel keeps greenhouses gases out of the air as water is the only tailpipe emission. However, the fuel has to be trucked in from Quebec.

Bidding for the vehicles closes on Dec. 19.


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  1. Any truth to the rumor Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Environment is looking at buying the bunch of buses and converting them to ELECTRIC?

    Ooops, Update just in - I think taxpayers might just be buying some brand new electric buses hot off the assembly line instead.

    This BC Transit boondoggle reminds me of our city's $$$ Zamboni waste debacle.


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