Thursday, December 04, 2014


WISTERIA LANE:  Progress review, and next steps

NANAIMO -  A third and final 'walk-through' will evaluate Nanaimo’s Wisteria Lane Regeneration project at 10:00 AM, on Saturday morning, December 6,  starting at 150 Nicol Street.

The ongoing collaboration between residents, businesses and city planners - to mitgate symptoms of social dysfunction like drug abuse and prostitution - began in July.  By early September, RCMP estimated crime was down by ten percent.   Saturday’s walk-through will assess further progress, identify any ‘unfinished’ opportunities, gather feedback and discuss next steps.

Completed, or nearing completion:

* Public art - murals on fences and retaining walls - part of the Nov. 29-30 “Art Walk”.
* Nanaimo’s 6th “Book Nook”
* Demolition of the derelict building at 144 Victoria Road.
* New residencial construction on the vacant lot at 113 Victoria Road.
* VIU nursing students’ research project nearing completion.
* Replacement of brambles and illegally dumped trash, with Wisteria vines and planters.
* Petition for “One-Way” traffic flow; with speed bumps and improved lighting.
* Installation of motion activated lights and security cameras by neighbours.

Wisteria Lane Regeneration is also participating in several recycling initiatives, including:  * The International Zero Waste Conference;  * Nanaimo’s “Zero-Waste Challenge”; and the newly-formed group “Zero-Waste-Nanaimo” - with plans to improve recycling opportunities in multi-family buildings, and * A community garden on the former site of a derelict building.

Wisteria Lane is now getting requests from neighbouring alleys,  to extend the project, with enthusiastic offers of “fence-space” for public art. 

Reasons for optimism include new federal legislation (as of December, 2014) restricting prostitution in residential areas;  and continued support from Nanaimo's new Mayor, several councillors, city staff, our MLA,  ...and the teamwork of the neighbours and businessess of Wisteria Lane.


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