Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nanaimo Man Scammed Airbnb Rental

Do not pay through 'off site' locations

A Nanaimo man is out several thousand dollars after being duped into believing he was paying for a legitimate Airbnb rental unit.

The victim told police he responded to an ad from an individual claiming to reside in the United Kingdom, who was advertising an Airbnb in a high end condo in Nanaimo. After several weeks of exchanging e-mails the two agreed upon an amount, and he was directed to send the money via a Moneygram to a third party in the UK. Shortly after wiring the money he was contacted by the same person and told more money was required to secure the rental unit. Only then did he realize he had been scammed.

"The official Airbnb website warns users to not pay for rental units through off site locations as it could lead to personal information being compromised and subject the payer to potential fraud and other security issues. This is exactly what transpired here, said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.


Do Your Car A Favour



A Nation Of Serfs?

According to Wiki, serfdom is explained thus:

Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the lord of the manor who owned that land, and in return were entitled to protection, justice and the right to exploit certain fields within the manor to maintain their own subsistence. Serfs were often required not only to work on the lord's fields, but also his mines, forests and roads. The manor formed the basic unit of feudal society, and the lord of the manor and the villeins, and to a certain extent serfs, were bound legally by taxation in the case of the former and economically and socially in the latter.

Liberal Government's current deficit (remember what they 'thought' it would be?)

Canadian Federal and Provincial Debt (remember they have no money)

Budget deficits and increasing debt are key fiscal issues as the federal and provincial governments prepare to release their budgets this year. Combined federal and provincial net debt has increased from $834 billion in 2007/08 to a projected $1.3 trillion in 2015/16. This combined debt equals 64.8% of the economy or $35,827 for every man, woman, and child living in Canada.  From: Fraser Institute report for 2015/16, does not include 2017.

The Toronto Star reports Canadian consumer debt has set another all time high climbing to 167% of disposable household income. They report that total household credit market debt now totals a staggering $2.029 trillion in the final quarter last year. Mortgage debt accounts for 65.5% of that total.

The Financial Post reported that for the first time Canadian consumer debt is now bigger than our entire GDP. We now have the distinction of having the highest consumer debt of all G7 countries a debt which is described as a straitjacket to our economy. 

"Canada was the only developed country showing early signs of stress in its domestic banking system amid "unusually high" credit growth relative to GDP, the BIS said.

"This debt overhang represents one thing and one thing only: a pervasive constraint on Canada's economic growth potential," David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Gluskin Sheff & Associates Inc. said by phone from Toronto. "When you get to levels on total debt that makes even the Italians blush, you know you're in a straitjacket."

It would appear while we may think we are free individuals we really are mere serfs toiling away giving up massive amounts of our income to support a grand illusion fueled by out of control government and consumer debt.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Owners Of Surveying Instrument Sought

Are you missing your survey equipment?

On Wednesday February 22, 2017 at approximately 4:40 am the Nanaimo RCMP attended to the 200 block of Taylor Place for a reported theft from a motor vehicle. The suspect male managed to flee before officers arrived but not before leaving behind a pack sack which contained suspected stolen items. The items in the packsack were not from the vehicle he attempted to break into.

Officers retrieved the packsack and inside it were an orange Pelican case and a surveyor tool.  Investigators have been unable to determine who the lawful owner is of these items. If you have information on this incident, please contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345


Nanaimo Backyard Burning Ban In Effect

Unless you live on Protection Island or on a city lot of one acre or larger backyard burning is banned within the city of Nanaimo.

If you live on one acre or larger, or Protection Island you may apply for a permit to burn only in the months of April and November. A burning permit can be obtained by calling Nanaimo Fire Rescue at 250-753-7311.

If you wish to report what appears to be a backyard fire you are concerned about you can report it to the non-emergency phone number 250-753-7311, unless of course it is a fire that needs immediate attention then you should call 911.


Nanaimo Concert Band SPRING CONCERT


Culture & Heritage Awards 2017


Nanaimo Arts Council - Call To Artists


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Island Health Bans Edible Cannabis Products

Ban will be enforced on Vancouver Island
Island Health has ordered Victoria marijuanna dispensaries to stop making and selling cannabis food products. Although Medijuanna was the first dispensary to receive notice of this new rule VIHA will be enforcing the ban across Vancouver Island, reports the Times Colonist.

The sale of pills and oils has not been banned.

It would appear the authorities are paying more and more attention to the illegal pot shops with two recently raided in Nanaimo and the warning that others were being watched by local RCMP.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Newfoundland Kitchen Party held at

St. Paul’s Anglican Centre for Ministry
100 Chapel Street

Saturday March 18th at 6:00pm

Traditional entertainment and Jiggs Dinner ($30)

Tickets available at Church Office - 250-753-2523


Western Edge Production

Friday, March 24, Saturday, March 25
Friday, March 31 through Sunday, April 2



March 25, 25, and 31 and April 1, 7:30 p.m.; April 2, 2:00 p.m.

Harbour City Theatre, 25 Victoria Road, Nanaimo
$24 for Adults, $25 for Seniors 65+, $12 for Students

Reasons to be Pretty is a keen-eyed comedy in which appearances aren't just deceiving -- they're downright dangerous. In it, word gets back to 20-something Steph that her boyfriend, Greg, described her as not "beautiful," not "pretty," just . . . "regular." Greg quickly learns the error of his ways, and the emotional fallout spreads to their friends, who have secrets of their own. The play comes with an audience advisory for adult language and content.

Tickets are available online at, by phone at 250-816-6459, and at Catwalk Fashions, 13 Commercial St., Nanaimo.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Online Romance Scams - Protect Yourself

Romance scams
Social media sites such as Facebook and free online dating sites are the favoured means used by fraudsters to lure potential victims in to accepting their friendship, then swindling their hard earned money. This can often lead to financial hardship and a life time of embarrassment.
Millions of people are online connecting with people of similar interests. Criminals will gain your trust over a period of weeks through overt displays of affection while online. The fraudsters are patient and will wait for a level of trust to develop before mentioning the need for money, which will inevitably be brought up in some manner or another.
The fraudster presents themselves as a world traveller who works in a foreign country for extended periods of time. At some point the ploy will be introduced. They either want to meet you in person or they have come into some financial hardship that without your support will make their lives intolerable. They will ask for money to assist them and will always promise you that it will be paid back in full.
How to protect yourself
  • Be cautious of entering into relationships with people online if you have never met in person 
  • Remember, anyone can take on any persona online and if they are professing their love to you they are professing it to others as well
  • Do not accept friend requests on social media sites from people you do not know
  • Never send money to someone you have never met in person
  • Bells and whistles and alarm bells should be sounding when you hear they work in a distant country but actually reside near you
  • Never cash a cheque they send and they ask you to keep a portion of it. It is most likely stolen or fraudulent

For more information on current frauds and scams go to Government of Canada Anti Fraud website. 
Canada Revenue Agency Scam

This involves an individual calling you at home impersonating the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), claiming a recent audit has identified discrepancies from past filed taxes. The caller states that repayment is required immediately. The caller will often threaten that failure to pay will result in additional fees and/or jail time or deportation. The caller then requests payment by a money service business or pre-paid cards / gift cards (i-tunes).

The second part of this scam involves consumers receiving an email indicating a refund is pending from the CRA. The email includes a link that directs consumers to a website that mimics the actual CRA. Consumers are told to input personal information before receiving the refund (email money transfer). Victims that input their information, including Social Insurance Number (SIN), Date of Birth (DOB), banking information, are subject to identity fraud. No refund is ever issued.

How to protect yourself

1.  The CRA will only use only registered mail to contact consumers and will never use email or contact you by phone.
  1.    If in doubt, contact the CRA to confirm you owe back taxes or are entitled to a refund    at
3.   Never provide personal information to anyone over the phone. Ask who is calling, document information and do your homework.
4.   The CRA would never request payment by money service business or i-tunes gift cards.
5.   For more information about fraud scams involving the CRA, visit Protect yourself against fraud.
6.   If you've shared personal information, contact Equifax and Trans Union to place fraud alerts on your account.
7.   If you've mistakenly shared banking information, contact your financial institution to place alerts on your account.
8.   If you receive a phone call or email from someone claiming to represent the CRA, it is a scam. Simply hang up on the call and if it is an email, delete it.
9.   If you were tricked into providing personal information, contact your local police agency. Otherwise , report the incident the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre at

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre does not conduct investigations but provides valuable assistance to law enforcement agencies all over the world by identifying connections among seemingly unrelated cases. Your information may provide the piece that completes the puzzle


Ferry Fare Increases Both Nanaimo Routes

Effective April 1, 2017 passenger fares will not increase on Nanaimo routes, but vehicle fares will increase by 1.9% on the Departure Bay - Horseshoe Bay and the Duke Point - Tsawwassen routes. These two routes and the Schwartz Bay - Tsawwassen routes are the only three of twenty four routes that will see increases.

The cost for a vehicle increases from $54.80 currently to $55.80 on April 1/17. Passenger fares remain unchanged at $16.70. In addition the cost for reservations made at least 7 days before sailing will decrease from $15 to $10. Full details can be seen HERE.


Canada Day Food Vendors Wanted In Nanaimo

To view/download PDF information and application forms visit HERE.

The City of Nanaimo is inviting food vendors to apply for a spot on Canada Day, the above link will take you to the information and forms needed for interested parties.

A few highlights for those who may be interested: the fee is $175.00, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, have to be out by 4:30 pm and will be charged $200.00/hr. if not out by 4:30 pm.


It's A Good Thing Friday Is St. Patrick's Day

Sure, and with all the good news on the Canadian economic front, it's a good thing that the 17th is St. Patrick's Day, and that Nanaimo has no shortage of places where you can hoist a pint in honour of good ole St. Paddy.

Remember that if you do hoist more than a pint, be sure not be to drivin' home, and begorra you'll find that to be sound advice if you don't want to make the acquaintance of the local constabulary. 

One place you will find a bit o' the blarney is the Queen's where there will be green beer and green tequila along with some lip smackin' Irish Stew. The celtic rock band THE CLANNS will be playin' from 7:00 - 10:00 pm.  


Nearly One in Five Canadian Renters

Spend 50% of income on rent
 Rentals in canada

Huffpost reports that nearly one in five Canadian renters are spending half their income on rent.

This chart shows the top 10  median rent prices for Canadian cities. Note, these are median prices not average.

This chart shows current rental prices in Nanaimo as posted on the Rent Board website.

 Nanaimo rentals

According to this information a one bedroom apartment in Nanaimo will range from $750 to $925 with the average settling in at $808. Given the high number of low paying services jobs in the Nanaimo economy it is highly possible that many Nanaimo renters are also paying 50% of their income to keep a roof over their heads.

Given that the banks and now government is doing nothing to burst the artificial price of housing the costs associated with either buying or renting sooner or later will simply become unmanageable. Perhaps then we will be simply forced by chaos in the market to make the correction. Likely will be messy.


Consumer Debt Worth More Than Entire Economy


An article in Huffpost points once again to the illusion that is Canadian prosperity. The video leads off with the statement that 'Canadian consumer debt is now more than the entire economy'. We also have more debt than any other G7 country.

I am not real bright, but it would seem to me we can't keep living in the land of make believe forever. Given that neither the banks nor the governments seem to have any real long term strategy, it might be time for some gold coins, beef jerky, bottled water and a AK47.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Van Crashes Into Bowen Rd. MacDonald's

RCMP supplied photo

Possible medical emergency leads to collision

At approximately 10:15 am on Wednesday March 15, 2017 at the intersection of Bowen Road and Dufferin Crescent, a driver of a van lost control of his vehicle resulting in a 3 vehicle collision. The van then carried on through the intersection and struck another vehicle. The van came to rest after striking the side of a local MacDonald's restaurant. Police, Fire crews and BC Paramedics attended.

Investigators determined the driver of the van, age 53, was south bounds on Bowen Road and lost control after possibly experiencing a medical emergency. His van then went through the intersection on a red light striking a vehicle driven by a 23 year old female.The impact caused her vehicle to collide with a delivery vehicle.  The result of the van striking the restaurant caused siding and brick damage, and possibly some structural damage. There were customers in the restaurant at the time but none were injured. The building was evacuated and is currently being assessed for damage.

The intersection was closed for a period of time while two of the vehicles were removed and the 53 year old male and 23 year old female were transported to hospital for assessment by BC Paramedics. The investigation remains under investigation. 


Record Voter Turnout - Referendum 80.3% NO Vote

Click image to view/download referendum results

Voter turnout was 35.3 per cent of the registered voters, which was a 1.2 per cent increase in turnout compared to 2014 general election (34.1 per cent).

"With 23,885 ballots cast, we had a record turnout of voters in this referendum. This was an increase over the 2014 general election and I would like to once again thank the members of our community who came out and voted.": Sheila Gurrie Chief Election Officer Elections Office - City of Nanaimo 

The City of Nanaimo's Chief Election Officer, Sheila Gurrie, has declared the results of the referendum (Non-Election Assent Voting) with 80.3 per cent of voters not in favour of Nanaimo City Council adopting Loan Authorization Bylaw 2017 No. 7237. 

The bylaw would have authorized Council to borrow a sum not exceeding $80,000,000, repayable over a period of no more than 20 years, for the development and construction of an event centre that would include an ice arena and other related entertainment, cultural and recreation facilities.


Storm Clouds For Canada/US Trade?

 Trade Talks

This Huffpost article suggests Canada could be in for some tougher negotiations with our largest trading partner going forward. Given 75% of our exports go to the USA this could have a serious impact on our already stumbling economy. Lumber is also a commodity that will be looked at, which could have serious impacts in BC.

We have a PM who campaigned on a deficit budget which has exploded under his watch. It was presented as going to fund much needed infrastructure projects from coast to coast. I don't recall the last time I heard of any of this projects actually seeing shovels going into the ground.

There has however been funding for police in foreign countries and more recently over half a billion for women's health care issues world wide. Our PM was also the focus of a Brazilian magazine and Amnesty International recently, the former blasting him as a "narcissistic" pretty boy who is soft on terror. 


Real Estate Webmasters Not Sponsoring Heritage Days

Following is a cut and paste from a Facebook post from Morgan Carey of Real Estate Webmasters:

Nanaimo Heritage Days - Feel free to share this, if you are connected in Nanaimo, hopefully it will stop all the PM's I am receiving.

First of all - to the past volunteers of Nanaimo Heritage Days (the few but the awesome!) - I want to say thank you for helping us during 1 or both of the 2 Heritage Days that were put on here in our great city of Nanaimo by Real Estate Webmasters (special shout out to all the REW folks who helped, they were by far the largest group of volunteers!)

Second of all - I'd like to shout out Tilray for 2 years in a row stepping up as the ONLY major sponsor other than REW to pay for a portion of the fireworks display.

With that out of the way, I would like to announce that unfortunately due to several issues encountered during the first 2 Heritage Days Festivals and the current state of our city staff and council - REW will not be sponsoring / putting on a Nanaimo Heritage Days this year.

You'll probably want to know why - there are a lot of reasons but here are a few of the main ones:

No sponsors: Other than Tilray (for fireworks only which again we appreciate greatly) not a single other business stepped up to financially support the event in any significant way. (Though we had some very kind small donations from some great friends like the folks at Bob Wall Contracting.)

We were more than happy to "not" have our name on it (and have others be the title sponsor) but there was no interest from the community - but of course those same businesses were happy to make it known they felt it was the "REW Show" - You were wrong, we never wanted it to be about us, it's just there were title sponsorships available and since no-one else was willing to step up at all and put their name on it, OF COURSE we did! We paid for pretty much the entire thing! There is irony here.

Promised support from council / city: This is a big one, Councillor Jerry Hong approached me to "help" save Empire days under the new name. He said he would help us get city support, funding, organize, participate etc - in the first year he came to "some" meetings but honestly did very little. We were going to pull the plug, but then he approached me again - promised again his personal support, told me he would take responsibility for the entertainment, promised to supply all bands from his "battle of the bands" etc - and then he absolutely VANISHED - no responses to communication, no funding from him or the city, no help with the event AT ALL! Once again, we ended up footing the bill for virtually all activities, bands etc So Jerry was nowhere, and the rest of the city? They would not even grant us an extended patio for the event let alone pledge any support. So for anyone looking for support from the City of Nanaimo for anything, I would say don't hold your breath.

Resources: We didn't just spend a ton of our own $ trying to do something great for the city, we also spent a lot of time - most specifically Anton Nikl who worked his butt off! Along with Max and many other REW staff. Much of it was done on paid time (which I paid for) and much of it was more awesomely put in as volunteer time from that same group - if you loved the heritage days, you have folks like Anton and Max to thank for all their hard work (and probably a hundred other REW employees too!)

I won't get into all the negativity that we had to deal with from some of the local vendors (all of whom benefitted significantly from the event and the traffic that it brought downtown) - it's simply not worth it.

But the long and the short of it was this - we tried very hard to save this long standing event for Nanaimo, and we are VERY PROUD of the work our team put in. We are so happy that so many families were able to enjoy 2 amazing sunny weekends (one each year) with great music from great bands (many of which played for free or on the cheap to help out) and even though our experience with The City, Local businesses, the DNBIA and most especially Mr Hong were nothing short of HORRIBLE we are still very glad that we did it, because the smiling faces on the children and the families great time and feelings we had participating are memories we can always be proud of.

Moving forward - many folks are asking me to give them resources, hand over assets, pay legal costs to re-allocate "our" not for profit etc - if you could please stop, that would be great.

REW does not own the right to call an event "Nanaimo Heritage Days" nor would we try to stop you from using that name in celebration of the many great cultures we have in Nanaimo - fill your boots. And if you want to start your own not for profit with "Nanaimo Heritage Days" in it, again - not an issue for me at all.

But please stop contacting us demanding that we hand over websites, or pay legal costs to change our legal entities etc - we already did our part, we're done!

It's not that I don't love Nanaimo, and it's not that I don't want to see happy families downtown (I do!) But I just can't participate (or ask my team to participate) in the absolutely toxic environment that has befallen us due to our ridiculous city council and city management.

I'd be in (and will be back as volunteer and a sponsor) if you will vote out the current council and we get rid of the city manager. If we have amazing people that actually show they care more about our city than themselves and are willing to support culture, city events, local businesses and progress.

And if someone else wants to try to take up the event in the meantime - it's all yours (I wish I could say that you will get help where it is needed)

But I can't (and won't) be a part of trying to wade the the sludge any more. I'm sorry.

I do love Nanaimo, and it makes me sad that it is so dysfunctional that I can't participate any longer.

Your votes count - and once we get rid of council and upper city management, I will be here and hopefully together, we can forge a far greater tomorrow for a city that I KNOW we all believe in!


Events Center PROJECT MANAGER - $75,000


One definition of a Project Manager is: the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

Given there was no particular project needing planning or executing until after Nanaimo taxpayers approved financing for the project it begs the question: why did staff ask for and council approve spending $75,000 on one three weeks before the referendum?

As witnessed by Ms Samra's comments Mr. Mema was given credit for organizing the various elements necessary to support the case for investing $80 million in an event centre on the Wellcox property. The case had been fully presented to the public by the time a request was made for the $75K for a project manager, so I repeat, without a project to manage, just what was the purpose of this hire?

I await a response to my query of Mayor and Council.


Quick Response Interrupts Violent Incident

Home invasion suspects arrested within minutes

Nanaimo RCMP officer's quick response resulted in the arrest of 3 persons for a violent home invasion. Three males, ranging in ages from 27 to 40, were arrested within minutes of breaking into a home on Howard Ave.

On Thursday March 9 officers were called to a residence in the 600 block of Howard Ave for a report of a home invasion in progress. It was reported the 3 males had pushed their way into the home and were apparently searching for a previous tenant. The existing tenants denied any knowledge of this person and in doing so, were assaulted and at one point, allegedly threatened with a machete. Officers entered the home during the melee and arrested the three. No significant injuries were incurred by the victims of the home.

27 year old Kyle MCHUGH, 37 year old Jason FROUDE and 40 year old Steven DESJARLAIS were held in custody and charged with Break and Enter, Assault with a Weapon and Uttering Threats. FROUDE and MCHUGH appeared in Nanaimo Provincial court and were remanded until April 11, while DESJARLAIS has been released on conditions.

"This was a violent incident which if not for the fast and effective response shown by B Watch General Duty officers, the residents may have incurred significant injuries. As a result the three males, who are all well-known to police, have been taken off the streets and are being held accountable for their actions." said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.


NAC People's Choice Awards


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beta Testers Needed For New City Website

Review the City's new website

The City of Nanaimo's new website is being developed and entering final stages of testing.  Beta testing will likely take one to two months for testers to use the site and provide feedback, following which City staff will review and/or incorporate any changes.

If you would be interested in helping test the new site you are invited to attend an informational meeting on March 28. Interested persons should send their RSVP to

The meeting will be held on March 28, 5:00 - 7:00 PM in the boardroom of the Service and Resource Centre at 411 Dunsmuir Street.


St. Paddy's Day Event


Monday, March 13, 2017

City Council Seems To Have GROWN A Lot

Councillor Bill Bestwick

I fully expected to tune in to another gong show at city council given the referendum results. I anticipated seeing members of the public shaking some 'shame on you' fingers at council with suggestions they all hang their heads in shame and resign. Shouts of wasting massive amounts of taxpayer funds and staff time justifying calls of no confidence would not have been a surprise. A council trying to justify themselves and push back against the criticism would also come as no surprise.

To my pleasant surprise I think this council handled themselves admirably with their conduct and response to what has to be a bitter pill to swallow for this council. Their comments were sincere and showed a genuine desire to respect the wishes of the public and to perhaps come together as a more cohesive council to advance the interests of Nanaimo.

Councillor Kipp pointed out that much of the work done to advance the event centre included work on the Wellcox site which is money in the ground making the site development ready.

Councillor Yoachim explained the benefits that can accrue to this council if they follow some of the protocols used when members meet in the Longhouse. They leave their 'stuff' on a hook at the door when they enter, and even people who may be feuding enemies outside, will set that aside and get on with community business.

Councillor Hong publicly apologized for any offense he may have caused by some of his comments made in the heat of the moment stemming from his passion for the project. I am sure Councillor Hong grew in stature in many eyes with his honest apology.

Councillor Bestwick, the one with perhaps the most emotional capital in this whole event demonstrated clearly his capacity to accept the wishes of the public in a very mature and admirable manner. Bestwick explained with considerable passion why he feels so strongly about the community benefits such a facility can bring to the residents of Nanaimo. I think anyone thinking Bestwick's motives are anything other than altruistic are mistaken. Anyone having spoken with Bestwick about the benefits of sports as a character forming endeavour can't miss the true passion he expresses.

Some might view the contrition being expressed by council members as the beginning of campaigning for the 2018 election. This humble scribe however, sees it as a genuine sign that members of this council are growing into their roles as leaders of the community and I look forward to what they are able to accomplish in the following months. 

To the Council Critics (of which I used to be Chief) I would say 'put the swords away', give this council some time to reach their full potential of which they are admirably demonstrating themselves capable.


Time For A BIG Tax Reduction??

During the run up to the referendum for the $80,000,000.00 events centre, Nanaimo taxpayers were assured over and over again by both staff and Council that it could be done without any tax increase and without reducing services.

The above graphic is a screengrab from the city website which was used to explain how it would be possible to find $5.4 million each year for the next 20 years without increasing taxes or cutting needed services. Remember??

Since the Nanaimo taxpayers have resoundingly rejected spending this money on an events centre it is totally reasonable to ask this administration to see that our taxes are reduced this year by approximately 5.4%

I suspect that city staff and this council are now discussing in the backroom how they are going to tell us that that is not possible. Really?? Why not??




With local construction company
Full time work in Nanaimo
Valid drivers licence and transportation preferred

Send resume to


Calls for Councillor Resignations ........

Legitimate comment or political gamesmanship??

As soon as the referendum results were known with a resounding rejection, calls of non confidence and resignation of councillors surfaced across social media.

It is certainly legitimate criticism of this counil's apparent disregard for the opinion of voters, given the results of their own surveys which clearly showed a lack of support for a taxpayer funded centre. The expenditure of at least one million dollars trying to drive this project, while not as expensive, is somewhat reminiscent of the Colliery Dams debacle. In that case the council of the day and city staff were willing to spend whatever it took to get rid of the dams, remember?

I expect in the coming days and weeks you will see those with political aspirations stepping up to the mic demanding resignations and bi-elections which of course they would gladly fill.

One test I would apply to any would-be replacement councillors is what their position was when this council asked the sitting mayor to resign. Where were they when the Mayor went against election promises and did a complete 180 on the matter of the Colliery dams.

At the risk of invoking the wrath of those opposed to Trump, there is more than one swamp that needs draining in the land of the established political machines.


Vancouver Island Symphony Fundraiser


RCMP Enforcement Action - Harewood Pot Shop

Search warrant carried out on marihuana storefront
On Thursday March 9, 2017, a search warrant was carried out on a Nanaimo marihuana storefront resulting in the arrest of two adults, the seizure of fifteen pounds of marhuana and 2000 dollars in Canadian currency.
The storefront referred to as Natures Source dispensary and located at 640 5th St was searched by officers with the Nanaimo Projects Team assisted by officers from the Nanaimo RCMP Street Crimes Unit. Two adult employees found in the business were arrested for Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking.Both were later released on a Promise to Appear with their first appearance set in Nanaimo Provincial Court on August 8, 2017.
Along with the marihuana and cash a variety of oils and marihuana edibles were also seized. The storefront did not re-open on Friday March 10th.

This storefront was located approximately 500 metres from an elementary school and it was generating significant foot and vehicle traffic. Nearby residents had also made their displeasure known to investigators about the storefront and the impact it was having on their neighbourhood,” said Constable Gary O’Brien. Taking these factors into consideration officers felt enforcement action was necessary at this time. Other storefronts operating illegally within the City of Nanaimo continue to be monitored and all are aware that enforcement action can be taken at any time.” said O’Brien. 


Saturday, March 11, 2017

City Hall - Can Ya' Hear Us NOW??


Nanaimo Events Centre Referendum Results


AT 8:34PM 

YES - 20% (4692 votes)

NO - 80% (19,029)


Herring - One of the seas many bounties

Count the Eagles - photo by: Sher Falls

Local photo artist Sher Falls recently witnessed the herring fishery at Deep Bay which of course draws the commercial fishermen but also seagulls, sea lions and eagles to name just a few of those who benefit from the humble herring.


Clocks Ahead - Sunday March 12 2017

Remember - Clocks go ahead one hour this weekend which means we miss one hour of sleep but gain one hour of daylight. Bring on the Sun!!


Friday, March 10, 2017

About The Penticton Event Centre

South Okanagan Events Centre (Penticton)
Final Cost $80 million --- Up from $33 million

Click image to read full account of the experience with the event centre built in Penticton.


'Grow Up' - Councillor Hong's Advice to Nanaimo

"Oh Nanaimo ...... when will you grow up"

As the battle for an event centre draws to a close, staunch supporter and downtown businessman, Councillor Jerry Hong seems to be scolding any Nanaimo resident that doesn't happen to agree with him on the expenditure of $100,000,000.00 in taxpayer revenue.

In a Facebook post the Counillor and owner of the Queen's Hotel posted a link to an article singing the praises of a new casino that is opening in Penticton. The tie in of course is that it is because of Pentictons event centre that the community is benefiting from the building of this new casino.

In what comes across as a condescending and scolding attitude, Hong admonishes Nanaimo taxpayers to 'Grow Up'. He goes on to sing the praises of revenue that flows from casinos and makes reference to bingo halls as well. It would seem Hong sees the gaming business as the way of the future for Nanaimo? He seems to loose sight of the fact that some of that Casino money is supposed to go to help those people who are problem gamblers.

The reference to the Penticton arena did not make mention of the fact they built their arena with a $40 million long term loan, and a $9 million government grant, and casino money for ten years etc. etc.

Obviously Hong is a strong supporter of a new event centre, that arguably could see his business get quite a boost and seems of the opinion that anyone not sharing that view needs to simply 'Grow Up'.



SAT. MAR. 11/17
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Referendum Question:
Are you in favour of the City of Nanaimo Council adopting Loan Authorization Bylaw 2017 No. 7237 which will authorize Council to borrow a sum not exceeding $80,000,000, repayable over a period of no more than 20 years, for the development and construction of an event centre that will include an ice arena and other related entertainment, cultural and recreation facilities?


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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Boat Motor Owner Sought - 30HP Brand New

Found boat motor

The Nanaimo RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in locating the lawful owner of an expensive and brand new 30 HP boat motor. The motor was found in early December 2016 partially concealed in some bushes off Doumont Road. To date all attempts to locate the owner have proved negative.

Investigators believe given its condition and where it was found the motor was most likely stolen. "We are hesitant to release information on the Make or colour of the motor as it may lead to false claims of ownership." said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

If anyone has information concerning the lawful owner of this motor, they are asked to contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345.


Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra - March 11

Saturday, March 11


7:30 p.m., Brechin United Church, Nanaimo

Adults $20, Students $5, under 12 free
Port Theatre Box Office or at the door

The Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra presents the program, “Singers & Strings”.  The “Singers," the Island Consort chamber choir will join with the NCO as guest performers.The Orchestra alone will play Mozart’s Divertimento I, K. 186,  “Melancholia,” a beautiful serenade by Czech composer, Eduard N├ípravnik, and “Concerto Grosso for Strings”, by Ralph Vaughan Williams.  The Orchestra and Consort will perform Vivaldi’s “Magnificat”, with soloists from the ranks of the choir, Brahms’ “Geistliches Lied” and Mozart’s short but lovely “Ave Verum Corpus”.

For more information, see and