Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top Ten Things To Do In Nanaimo

Things to do in Nanaimo this long weekend. There are lots of fun and interestig things to do right here in Nanaimo and region. No need to pack up the car and head for distant points. The following comes from Tourism Nanaimo and lists the ten top things to do right here. So, save the fuel and go on a mini vacation right here at home. Whatever else you decide to do, make sure you include a trip to Newcastle Island as one of your 'must-do' things this weekend. Note: bold type is linked for more information.

Top Ten Things to Do

Top Ten Things To See & Do in Nanaimo & Region
Hilary Kayaking Gabriola Island
  1. Nanaimo Bar Trail - Follow a self-guided trail tasting variations of the traditional Nanaimo Bar dessert.
  2. Snorkel with Harbour Seals - Take a boat charter to meet these playful pups with one of two local companies: Sundown Diving or Nanaimo Dive Outfitters.
  3. Catamaran Cruise - Relax while taking in the sights, wildlife and action of the Nanaimo Harbour or take a wild ride on the open water via a real hovercraft!
  4. Craft Beverages & Culinary Tour - Book a culinary, craft beverage and Estate Winery experience with a local guide. Choose a local tour company of your choice! Vancouver Island ExpeditionsTracks Outdoor AdventuresHarbour City Transportation or Canadian Craft Tours.
  5. Historic Cannon Firing - May through September watch the cannon firing ceremony at 12 noon daily.
  6. Island Hopping - Take a short ferry to Newcastle,Protection & Gabriola Islands for unique culture, arts and dining.
  7. Artisan Trail - Drive the Cedar Yellow Point Artisan Trail loop visiting farms, fields and artists crafting one of a kind creations.
  8. Fishing & Crabbing Charter - book a local guide and catch fresh seafood to take back for a feast!
  9. Paddles Up - Rent a kayakbook a tour, a paddle board or a canoe and explore our protected waters capturing the perfect sunset.
  10. Nanaimo's Natural Wonders - Tidal lagoon at Pipers Park, Ammonite Falls, Sandstone rock formations at Malaspina Galleries, the Abyss Fault line & more! Check out our Parks & Trails and Outdoor Recreation pages for more info


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dale Schulz - NANAIMO - "As he sees it" - July 26/16

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

 Schulz July 26

To view all images click image above.

Dale's Post - July 26/16
Hi Folks! It is a HOT day out there and Indy and I had a good walk but only stopped to take a handful of photos - so in addition to the five from our walk I've included three shots of insects on our fennel plants - just to round things out a bit.

The first two shots are of the back of the Patricia Hotel on Halliburton and Baker Streets. I always wonder how long it will be before this building comes down.

The next two are a little 'prettier' - newly-painted rocks in the boulevard garden/gallery on Albert Street. I appreciate these little bits of colour and detail added to the street.

The last from the walk is a subject I've shot before - an ‪#‎abandonedsofa‬ on Hecate Street - the gate that shielded it from the street has disappeared, but the ivy has grown in to add protection.

At home I stood out in the hot sun for a few minutes and got pictures of a bee, a ladybug, and a wasp (I think it's a wasp).


Cougar Sighting At Westwood Lake Park

The following notice is posted on the city of Nanaimo Facebook page:

"There was a cougar sighting at Westwood Lake Park at kilometre 2 when heading Northwest on the trail. Conservation officers are recommending dogs-on-leash in all areas, including in the approved off-leash area. Signage is being posted."


Unsolved Crimes In Nanaimo - - -

July 10 - 23

1. Nanaimo file # 2016-22710 Sometime between July 10th and July 12th a 2007 Dodge ram at 1930 Island Diesel Way was broken into. Taken was a large black hockey bag with Strata Soil Sampling written on the side. The bag contained a Go-Pro, work clothes, hard hat, high visibility vest and rain paints.

2. Nanaimo file # 2016-22725 Sometime overnight on Wednesday July 13th, a rental car parked on Sealion Place was broken into. Taken was a Samsung S4 phone, 2 para-gliders (one orange, the other blue), a hand held radio and numerous other items used in para-gliding.

3. Nanaimo file # 2016-22883 Sometime overnight on Thursday July 14th, a home at 1074 St George Crescent was broken into. Point of entry appears to be the back upper kitchen window. Taken was an Apple/Mac book pro laptop, purse with a skull decoration and some cash.

4. Nanaimo file # 2016-23086 On Friday July 15th, a bike was stolen from in front of the Country Club Save On Foods. The bike was locked and most likely taken from between 1:45 pm and 10:15 pm. The bike is a grey Kona with no seat and has a blue and red chain.

5. Nanaimo file # 2016-23297 On Friday July 15th, a male exposed himself to a female as she walked along the Pearson Bridge located on Terminal Ave. The female witness told police she believes the male suspect was waiting in nearby bushes until she walked by. The suspect is described as a white male, 40ish, with a slim athletic build and dark complexion. He was wearing shorts baseball cap, t-shirt and black jeans and was last seen walking northbound along Terminal Ave.

6. Nanaimo file # 2016-23345 Sometime between Saturday July 16th and Monday July 18th, Kaycan Ltd Vinyl located at 4810 Ledgerwood Rd was broken into. Locks to two small exterior propane cages in the loading area were cut and taken was a full tank of propane.

7. Nanaimo file # 2016-23583 On Tuesday July 19th, two bikes were taken from the back of a truck parked in the Woodgrove Mall parking lot. One of the bikes was a white Santa Cruz adult mountain bike and the other, a black and green Opus kid’s bike.

8. Nanaimo file # 2016-23644 On Wednesday July 20th, a motorized scooter was stolen from 1597 Boundary Crescent. The scooter is a black Go, with a green cart on the back.

9. Nanaimo file # 2016-23981 On Friday July 22nd, a bike was stolen from 1825 Bowen Road. The bike is a red and silver folding bike with a 6 inch top bar and has a brown wicker basket on the back.

10. Nanaimo file # 2016-24086 On Saturday July 23rd, an attempted break and enter was reported to the main building at the McGirr Sports Complex. Numerous drill holes were found in a steel door that leads to a small interior that holds an ATM. Entry was not made into the ATM room. An alarm was activated at 3:00 am but when officers arrived they did not find anything suspicious indicating the attempted break most likely occurred sometime after 3 am.


BC Ferries August Long Weekend 2016

Summer sailings are getting busier and busier. To avoid long waits consider the reservations option available on many major routes. For more information about reservations click HERE.


Green Party - Not So Squeaking Clean

Wonder why voters just throw up their hands?

This Vancouver Sun article reports: The Green Party of Canada has admitted it deliberately misled voters in Victoria on the eve of the 2015 election during the party’s frantic bid for a breakthrough.

No sir that happy trio of smiling women doesn't look like the 'same old' many Canadians despise about politics, but it seems the 'same old' just put on different outfits.


New Life To Industrial Part Of Town

Esplanade condos now on the market

Have you ever wondered what that multi-story brick building is that has been under construction for a few years now on Esplanade? It is on the site of Robins Gardens and was the home site of a coal mine superintendent in the late 1800's. Apparently the owner was a serious gardener and imported many exotic plants and trees from far and wide. Many of these have been preserved by the current owner/developer who is clearly at the forefront of bringing new life to this very tired part of Nanaimo.

The condos are being sold by a local company and it is said the units are selling in the $600K range. The owner has plans for two more buildings on this site eventually as the development proceeds.


'Selfie' Thief Arrested - Court Appearance Aug. 8

A 39 year old man who took a picture of himself with a stolen iphone has been arrested.

The picture of the 39 year old male was circulated to various media sources and throughout social media. The resulting attention assisted investigators in locating the male and within 48 hours of the picture and story being released, the suspect male was arrested.

The 39 year old was arrested for Theft Under $5000 and served with a Promise to Appear for court on August 8th in Nanaimo Provincial court.


Monday, July 25, 2016

eTown Hall Meeting Over --- back to beach!!

Just had to check out the eTown Hall meeting .....
that was interesting, must say summer is much more enjoyable when focusing on our lovely island rather than city hall.......


An Important Safety Message --- Pay Attention

While this originally comes from the UK the warning applies everywhere

One sunny summer Sunday when I worked for the Fire Service in Shropshire I attended a road traffic accident involving two young occupants of a saloon car that had been involved in a collision. The young female passenger was seriously hurt with life changing injuries when the passenger airbag deployed while she had her feet up on the dashboard. 

Every day during this warm weather and in my 60,000 miles a year in my business I see at least one vehicle occupant with their feet on the dashboard and I wonder if they realise the dangers?

Could I ask please that you [Share] this post, copy and paste the image for your own social media use or show it to anyone you know does this? Airbags deploy with 'massive' force at surprisingly low speeds and the sight I saw that day will stay with me forever!
(Image posed by models)


Nanaimo Council & eTown Hall Meeting - July 25

Public input or campaigning session?

The special open council meeting which went in-camera at 4:00 pm was estimated to reconvene in open at 6:00 pm (according to the notice on the city website). The eTown hall meeting was scheduled to start at 7:00 pm.

The live streaming did not start until about 7:13 pm and the eTown Hall was already underway, and the agenda items listed were not dealt with until the eTown hall meeting ended at 9:30 pm. The city rep on the Port Authority gave a brief update about activities at the Port Authority which is perhaps the first time I have heard anything from the Port Authority in an open council meeting. The other agenda item, a report on the VICC hotel feasibility study was cancelled.

The in-camera portion of this meeting went beyond the anticipated 2 hours.

Public Input??

While I did not actually count, I doubt there were 20 different members of the community offering their input or asking questions of council. In some cases the response from council sounded as much like election campaigning as it did simply addressing a question from the public.

That said, there seemed a genuine openness and real desire to hear from the public something lacking the last two times this exercise was undertaken.

Councillor Yoakim made the suggestion he would like to see another eTown Hall scheduled ASAP bringing a response from the City Manager that the intent was to hold another one in Sept. after summer holidays are out of the way.

Perhaps in the future if councillors can resist the urge to debate each other, there will be the opportunity for more meaningful public engagement.

The last person to address council during question period, clearly had not been impressed with the whole event. He did ask an interesting question; 'if this is a town meeting ... where's the town, you guys outnumber the audience'. 

One observation, there seems an organized effort to not have culture or the environment lumped in with other committees. Valid objection, or protecting a special interest? There seems to be some familiar alliances.


Dale Schulz NANAIMO 'As he sees it' - Jly 25

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

 schulz jly 25

To view all images click image above.

Dale's Post - July 25/16
Today I got a bit of everything photo-wise on my Monday Morning walk with Indy. An ‪#‎abandonedchair‬ at the end of Farquhar Street, and a close-up of red leaves in a planter on Gordon Street (downtown). Also from Gordon Street I gat a pretty good picture of the Port Theatre - backstage entrance.

On the waterfront I was setting up for my shot of The Lighthouse Pub and patio and a happy couple walked around the building into my shot - she smiled and said "Go ahead, take the picture!" so I did - I'm not sure who she is but thanks!

From the waterfront Indy and I walked up onto Bastion Street where I took a look at the building on Church Street that is being worked on - first I shot the corner of a building on Bastion and then three shots of the Church Street building. The Brick front is remaining intact and a new building is going up behind it - the old building is now pretty much gutted. The new building will be 2 stories with shops below and living above.

We had to make a stop in Harewood before coming home so I took a pic of my favourite little tree behind 7Eleven - and the fruit growing on it. Is it maybe a Persimmon?


Assault & Robbery Beban Park Centre

14 year old female assaulted and robbed
black iPhone5 in purple case

On Sunday July 24th, at approximately 5:20 pm, a 14 year old female was punched in the face then robbed of her iPhone, in the vicinity of the Beban Recreational Centre, located at 2300 Bowen Road. 

The female told police she was sitting at the tables outside the entrance to the pool when the male approached. He suddenly grabbed her iPhone and while attempting to stop him, she was punched and fell to the ground. An adult male intervened and chased the suspect with his vehicle but was unsuccessful. The female sustained some facial bruising and cut to her knee but did not require medical attention.

Investigators along with a Police Services Dog attended but were unable to located the male, who was last seen riding a bicycle into the area of the barns located on the east side of the complex. 

Investigators spoke with the female victim and Good Samaritan and based on their observations, the suspect is described as follows:
  • white male, 5 ft. 8 to 5 ft. 10, late teens to early twenties
  • short brown hair, medium build
  • white t-shirt, coloured shorts, blue napsack
  • black small bicycle, possibly a stunt bike ( described as a mountain bike which was too small for him) 
Investigators have found no connection with between the suspect and victim and are asking the public to assist in furthering this investigation, said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP. If you have any information on the identity of the suspect, please call 250-754-2345 or contact Crime Stoppers at, text 274637, keyword Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477.


More In-Camera Meetings Now Than Before

Open and transparent --- just an election slogan?

Local council-watcher and engaged citizen, Robert Fuller posted the following on Facebook recently. He was looking into the number of in-camera meetings where city business is conducted away from the prying eyes of either the media or citizens. Granted, there are legitimate reasons for conducting some business behind closed doors but the trend seems contrary to the advice of the provincial ombudsperson.

On another note, it appears that this council is once again having information meetings with staff to go over agenda items on the upcoming council meetings. While I am told they are not the same as what was once referred to as 'rehearshals' I am always a little 'antsy' when there is the appearance of council possibly making decisions without oversight.

A few years back, and under the administration of Mayor Ruttan, I remember sitting in on a presentation from the provincial ombudsperson. While the councillors of the day seemed to me like they were paying attention she explained that all meetings held by governments should be as open as feasibly possible. Play it forward a few years later, why is it that the use of in camera meeting to conduct city business is on the increase? More legal mumbo jumbo? Less oversight on the part of our elected officials on the reasoning to move meetings behind closed doors? Just plain blind support of city staff wishes to do so? Good eats (hopefully just kidding)?

To prove my point I went back through the archive of council meetings and was rather dumbstruck by what I found. During the council under Mr John Ruttan and from July 23, 2013 to July 21, 2014 there were a total of thirty six, 36, in camera council meetings. Seems like a lot folks, doesn't it? But hold onto your hats! During the present council's tenure and from July 27, 2015 to July 25, 2016 there were forty seven, yep 47, in camera meetings. Quite the jump don't you think! Has the notion of transparency fallen on deaf ears? Do these folks even care?

The Community Charter, section 90 (1,2,3), has a list of 15 reasons as to why a meeting may, key word MAY, be closed to the public. It just appears that these principles are applied so loosely, that at the drop of a hat, if one so desired, that one MAY proceed in camera with virtually any reason. When are our governors going to take a stand enmass to insure the principals of transparency and openess when conducting our business? Why even bandy about these words, more often than not at election time, when they are not to be adhered to? Perhaps the premise that until a meeting can be determined that it MUST, rather than MAY, be in camera then the meeting and the business conducted SHOULD be open to the public!

Robert Fuller


Snowbirds In Nanaimo August 10 - 6:00 PM

Canadian Forces Snowbirds Fly for CH.I.L.D. August 10th Over the Nanaimo Harbour! Everyone is Welcome to Come See the Amazing Snowbirds in Action and Support a Great Cause!


Nanaimo Weather Sunny & Hot


Departure Creek Archeological Impact Assessment

To determine feasibility of creek realignment

As part of an ongoing collaborative effort to improve habitat values along Departure Creek, the City of Nanaimo will be completing an archeological impact assessment of the City-owned lands located at 1420 Bay Street. The assessment is intended to help decide if restoration and realignment of Departure Creek is feasible at that location.

Work is expected to begin the week of July 25 and will be completed under the oversight of the Provincial Archaeology Branch and members of Snuneymuxw First Nation.

The goal of realigning Departure Creek away from neighbouring buildings on Departure Bay Road will allow for a larger riparian setback area and improved in-stream fish habitat.

The City of Nanaimo will be working with Golder and Associates to complete an archeological impact assessment of the City-owned parking lot at 1420 Bay Street starting the week of July 25.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dale Schulz NANAIMO - 'As he sees it' - July 23

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

 Schulz Jly 23

To view all images click image above.

Dale's Post - July 23/16
A whole bunch of photos today! Indy and I went out a little later than usual and ended up walking smack-dab into the Bathtub Sailpast on Wheels Parade! Bathtub Weekend is full on and Downtown is hopping!

First some serene shots from the yard - walnuts ripening; a rusty chain on fence post; and Indy wanting to get going!

In ‪#‎Harewood‬ I shot a busy bumblebee on Chicory flower on Albion Street.

I got a BUNCH of shots of the parade including a cop and a clown; a mini Shaw van; Mayor Bill Mckay; pirate in mini-tub; a cool Quality Foods flotilla; pipers, people, and as military vehicle - plus a smiling 'tiny-tubber' on a float.

On Commercial Street I got to visit and chat with my friend Robert Cerins - a talented Island ArtPerson!

At Maffeo Sutton Park I encountered a happy Shark and Beluga! I took at least one scenic shot of the waterfront and then on the way home I had to take a picture of a funky camper-van parked on Albert Street.


Nanaimo Bathtub Race Winners - 2016


1ST PLACE: Justin Lofstrom (Nanaimo) 1 hour and 7 minutes

2ND PLACE: Chris Glenn (Port Coquitlam)

3RD PLACE; Nathan Barlow (Nanaimo)

MODIFIED: David McHardie 1 hour 22 minutes

STOCK: Jeff Saunders 1 hour 30 minutes

WOMEN'S DIVISION : Katharine Lamoureux


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Thefts Cost Boys & Girls Club Thousands

Day trips cancelled

Eight thefts in the past two months

The Nanaimo Boys and Girls Club of Nanaimo have been hit hard by a recent rash of thefts which is impacting their day to day activities.

In the past two months, there have been 8 reported thefts from their Fifth St location. Most have involved gas being syphoned and gas lines cut on vehicles. Recently installed security cameras have also been tampered with or outright stolen. When gas lines are cut the vehicle requires a mechanical inspection which then puts the vehicle out of commission for several days, causing the cancellation of scheduled day trips for the kids.

"We have tried locking gas caps, moving vehicles to more visible locations, installing flood lights and security cameras. None have had any measurable impact. These thefts have cost our program thousands of dollars", said Linda Janes, Area Coordinator for the Nanaimo Boys and Girls Club, shown standing on the left in the attached photo. Next to her is Jenna Erhart, Program Leader with the Boys and Girls Club.

"It’s very hard on the kids when we have to explain to them their trip to the beach has been cancelled, yet again", said Erhart.

If anyone has information on who is responsible for these thefts, contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or Crime Stoppers at text 274637, keyword Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477.


Canadian Food Prices Fell In June

Huffpost reports some good news on the Canadian consumer front: food prices are showing a complete turnaround after months of rising due to our weakened Loonie.

Stats Canada showed consumer food prices dropped 0.3% over the previous month. The overall consumer price index was steady at 1.5%, the same rate as the previous month.

How many Nanaimo consumers have noticed a little less pressure on their food buying dollar in light of this report?


Dale Schulz - NANAIMO - 'As he sees it' - July 22/16

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

To view all images click image above.

Dale's Post - July 22/16
Lots of sights under the hot bright sun today folks!

I shot some old buildings and details of assorted things - a post, a wall, an arbutus tree. Found an ‪#‎abandonedchair‬ (with accessories!) on Sabiston Street. My favourite dilapidated house on Needham is under repair!

I got a couple shots of Mt. Benson under cloud - the one from Port Place also features the A&W where my daughter Dionne works.

The arbutus tree is in Maffeo Sutton Park - also where I shot the camouflaged soldier hiding his truck in the parking lot.

I got a shot of the trio playing at the Friday Market at Pioneer Plaza - not sure what they are called but they were good! Especially the percussionist!

On Commercial Street the Bathtub Market is starting to swing! I was lucky to get a shot of my friend Amanda and her friend Jen; and I took a shot up the street - I enjoy seeing Commercial Street closed to vehicle traffic!


VICC and Hotel Market Feasibility Study

to be presented to Council Monday July 25
Ms Fran Holhol of CBRE Limited will be presenting the Proposed VICC Hotel Market Feasibility Study at the Monday COW meeting on July 25/16.

Note: the agenda for the Monday Committee of the Whole meeting seems a little uncertain. It convenes at 4:00 pm as usual, then goes in-camera and then reconvenes in open (time not published). It is during this portion of the meeting that this presentation will be made. There is however the caveat that this agenda could be adjusted to make sure the eTown Hall meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

In order to make sure you don't miss anything I guess you need to show up at 4:00 pm and just wait for council to reconvene at an undetermined time between 4:00 and 7:00 pm. Could make for a long day if you want to also see all of the eTown Hall.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Suspicious Fire - 25 Front Street Nanaimo

Screengrab: Google streetview

Nanaimo RCMP investigate suspicious fire

The Nanaimo RCMP is investigating a fire reported shortly after 10 pm on Wednesday July 20th at 25 Front St. The building is a multi-purpose use with a business known as Nature Source Society Dispensary on the lower level and with apartments above. The fire was contained to a second level residential apartment above the dispensary and the resulting smoke and water damage forced the evacuation of twelve residents.

Fire inspectors and investigators with the Nanaimo RCMP have examined the scene. The Nanaimo RCMP are in the early stages of the investigation and are currently in the process of interviewing potential witnesses and preparing a search warrant to enter the affected apartment.

If anyone has information on the fire they are asked to contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or Crime Stoppers at text 274637, keyword Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477.


Phone Theft Suspect Uploads Selfie

RCMP seek help identifying suspects 
iPhone theft & para-gliding equipment
Phone theft suspect uploads selfie

The Nanaimo RCMP is asking for the public's assistance with two recent thefts. The first involves the theft of an I-phone and purse in the 600 block of Kennedy St, where the suspect in his infinite wisdom uploaded a picture of himself. The second consisted of $20,000 of para-gliding equipment stolen from a vehicle on Sealion Place. The owner of the stolen equipment lives in New Zealand and is devastated by the loss.

On July 5th, the owner of the I-phone told police, she was in the process of carrying garbage to a nearby disposal bin. She left her purse beside her vehicle while carrying the garbage and as she was carrying the garbage, she looked back and saw a male near her vehicle. When she returned her purse and the male seen were long gone. 

The next day she obtained a new phone. When the phone was activated, pictures were automatically uploaded and one was of the male seen by her purse just before it went missing.

$20,000 para-gliding equipment theft

The second consisted of $20,000 of para-gliding equipment stolen from a vehicle on Sealion Place. The owner of the stolen equipment lives in New Zealand and is devastated by the loss.

The para-gliding theft occurred on July 13, and involved a rental vehicle being broken into and stolen were two complete para-gliding packs. The owner reported the following items missing- a Samsung phone, tents, poles, foldable hiking poles, a GPS instrument, a hand-held radio and a blue and black Advance harness. The owner of the equipment has reached out to the para-gliding community and has gone to all pawn shops in Nanaimo, with no success. 

If anyone has information on either of these two incidents, they are asked to call the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or contact Crime Stoppers at, text 274637, keyword Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477


Nanaimo eTown Hall - Mon. July 25/16

Note: email subscribers may have to visit Nanaimo Info Blog to view video

Tell your elected officials what you think is important

Nanaimo residents wishing to provide feedback on Council's proposed strategic priorities can now do so by participating in an upcoming eTown Hall meeting scheduled for July 25th. The event follows the tradition of tabling a topic for discussion between Council members and the public, but unlike conventional town hall meetings, Nanaimo's eTown Hall format enables wider involvement by allowing participants to submit questions via social media, the City website, phone call, as well as in person.

During the meeting, residents will be invited to supply feedback on the following priorities contained in the Strategic Plan Update - development of South Downtown Waterfront; Recreation, Culture, Sports and Tourism; Public Safety; Governance Renewal; and Community Wellness.  In addition, residents can also share their thoughts of the strategic vision and values.

The July 25th eTown Hall meeting will commence at the beginning of the regular 7:00 pm Council meeting and will run for two hours. If feedback runs past 9:00 pm, the meeting will be extended to continue the conversation.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bathtub Weekend Weather Forecast


Dale Schulz - NANAIMO 'As he sees it' - July 19/16

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

schulz july 19

To view all images click image above.

Dale's Post - July 19/16
I didn't get a LOT of photos this morning folks but Indy and I had a good walk and we met a few nice people and nice animals - in particular this Congo African Gray parrot. It was outside of Javawocky where Indy and I stop for coffee and treats - this bird is 21 years old and very well-behaved and Indy liked the fact that she dropped muffin crumbs while she ate - Indy was obliged to help clean up!

On the waterfront we met a new Resident to Nanaimo - Bob - and I took a picture of one of his dogs - Franky.


Nanaimo Bathtub Race & Marine Festival 2016

Events schedule
launch party, street fair, parade, concerts, fireworks & Race

Image credit: Nanaimo Bathtub Society website

Downtown Nanaimo
Free events for the whole family all weekend include Arts & Crafts Fair, Kiddies Karnival, Food Vendors, a children’s Craft Tent, The Kerplunks, Born on a Board Wakeboard competition and more.
Friday, July 22th – 10am-6pm
Saturday, July 23th – 9am-11pm
Sunday, July 24th – 10am-5pm

Maffeo Sutton Park
Friday, July 22nd
TROOPER, Chilliwack, The Kings, Darkhorse, Valdy and DJ Mikey Mike
Tickets: General Tickets : $45
Kids 16 and under : $15.
VIP Tickets (with covered seats, refreshments and snacks): $75
** General Tickets will be $60 on the day (if any available)
Tickets online at TicketWeb:
Tickets also available in the following stores (while supplies last, limited tickets available)):
Arbutus Muisic, The Queens, Fascinating Rhythm Mambo Pizza, Funk Your Fashion

Friday & Saturday, July 22nd and 23rd 11:30-9pm
Downtown Nanaimo
Engaging performances and buskers will be keeping the streets alive with music, acts and dancing all day. Don’t miss the three-block vendor market. Diana Krall Plaza will be home to the Kid’s Zone and plenty of entertainment.
Visit for complete list of activities, times and locations.


Saturday, July 23th – 10:30am
Downtown Nanaimo
The SHAW Sailpast is a fun parade featuring the World’s Largest Bathtub, showcasing the racing Tubs and their sponsors and a variety of Community, Commercial and Military entries.


Maffeo Sutton Park
This year’s Molsons Beer Gardens in Maffeo Sutton Park
Friday July 22nd 4-10pm
Saturday, July 23th – 12pm-7pm
Sunday, July 24th – 11am-4pm

Maffeo Sutton Park 11-7pm
Saturday, July 23th
Sunday, July 24 11-3
Featuring THE KERPLUNKS at 2pm
Local Family, Childrens and Musical
Tons of Family entertainment

Various Times: Venco Bathtub Boat Tug-of-War
11:30 – 12:00 Nanaimo Realty/Royal LePage MAYORS PADDLEWHEEL BATHTUB CHALLENGE.
We have a few new bathtub-inpired boats this year for Lagoon events thanks to Nanaimo Realty/Royal LePage and Venco Bathtubs.

Nanaimo Harbour
Saturday, July 23th – 10pm
Award-winning fireworks display simulcast to music on 102.3 FM The Wave. It’s a signature event as part of the Nanaimo Marine Festival, the night before the World Championship Bathtub Races.

Georgia Strait
Sunday, July 24th – 11am-4pm
Again this year, the race will start and end in Nanaimo Harbour. The finish line is below the Frank Ney statue at Maffeo Sutton park!


Warrant Issued For Brian Thomas Jr. Of Nananimo

RCMP seeking public assistance

The Nanaimo RCMP is asking for the public's assistance in locating 34 year old Brian THOMAS Jr of Nanaimo, wanted for Assault, Uttering Threats and breaching the terms of his probation order. THOMAS is considered violent and if seen, do not approach and call 911

Brian THOMAS is a First Nations male who is 5 ft. 11, 140 pounds with short brown hair and has a moustache. He has a tattoo on his right forearm which spells Jillian and a tattoo on his left forearm of a feather.

If you have information on the whereabouts of Brian THOMAS Jr. call 911 contact Crime Stoppers at text, 274637, keyword Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477.