Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nanaimo Gas Prices Nov. 20/18



Friday, November 16, 2018

One Reason For Some Being "Homeless"

City Cleans Up Mess Left By "Homeless"

The Nanaimo Bulletin ran an article reporting on the ongoing cleanup of Discontent City, all on the taxpayers dime, thank you very much.

It is unlikely we will actually know what this little disaster (courtesy of Mayor McKay and city hall staff) is going to cost in the end, hundreds of thousands I am certain.

One thing that I have never heard raised is the question as to 'why' some if not many of these people are homeless. The answer to that is as clear as can be when you look at the way they are willing to live in a garbage heap of their own making. I can't imagine how any landlord would accept any of these people as tenants as they clearly are lacking in the very basic elements of taking responsibility and being accountable. Being poor is no excuse for living in your own filth.

But not to worry, once you have made enough noise about not being able to find housing the government with endless tax dollars to spend will provide housing for these folk that people on fixed incomes and even those working could barely afford.

That is one of the basic problems with the Marxist/socialist types (of which Nanaimo has it's share) in that it kills the incentives to work hard and take care of yourself as the government will step in and 'steal' money you have earned by the sweat of your brow to feed, shelter and cloth those who won't take responsibility for themselves.


Nanaimo Leads The Gas Gouging Parade

As of 1:08 pm Nov. 15/18 reported on Gas Buddy.
Highest prices being reported in Nanaimo. Note: the two worst gougers are Petro Canada .... thought they were supposed to be good for Canada??

Typical of most gas prices at Nanaimo gas stations.

Prices being reported in Duncan, once again highlighting the obvious way Nanaimo the Nanaimo station operators keep ripping the Nanaimo motoring public. It has been that way for years, and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. No price fixing in Nanaimo you say?? Wanna buy some swamp land.


Thursday, November 01, 2018

Adrienne Clarkson Billing Canadians $100,000/yr

 Adriene Clarkson

According to this National Post article former governor general Adrienne Clarkson has billed taxpayers for $1.1 million in expenses on top of the $1.6 million she has received in pension benefits which is in addition to the $3 million grant she received courtesy of Canadian taxpayers.

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Taxpayers have paid $1.1 million in expenses for a former governor general since she LEFT office in 2005.

Former governor general Adrienne Clarkson's time in office ended in 2005. She has continued to submit receipts to the Government of Canada. Those expenses have added up to $1.1 million, according to the Ottawa Citizen. And all of this is legal and approved by the Government of Canada.

What ordinary Canadian keeps submitting expenses to an employer years after leaving a job?

And what kind of employer keeps paying those expenses?

The $1.1 million Clarkson billed for expenses is on top of the $1.6 million she’s collected from her pension and the $3 million the government gave her to start a foundation.

Clarkson is sticking taxpayers with the biggest bills, but former governors general have been submitting expenses to the government since the 1970s.

Enough is enough.

Within minutes of the story breaking, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation launched a petition demanding an end to the gravy train for former governors general.

To sign the petition, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK NOW: https://www.taxpayer.com/resource-centre/petitions/petition?tpContentId=186


Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Bring your little ghosts and goblins Trick or Treating at participating merchants on Victoria Crescent in Downtown Nanaimo Saturday, October 27, from Noon - 3pm.

The Victoria Crescent Association wishes you all a Very Spooky & Scary Halloween!


CUPE Slate For Nanaimo City Council??

The following are the candidates that are being endorsed by the local union forces. Times past you could see how many dollars CUPE and other unions gave to 'their' candidates. This time around it won't be known how many of these candidates received financial support of some kind until after the election. With 13,000 members they can influence, they clearly can be the king-makers during the current civic election.

The following candidates are the ones that have been endorsed by the labour council. It is reasonable to assume that these are the candidates the unions see as being most favourable to their continued labour agreements with the city of Nanaimo. Of course that means they may not have the best interest of Nanaimo taxpayers at heart as they make their decisions.

I have not heard any candidates say anything that indicates they really have much understanding of how city hall functions. But, when you consider that nearly 85% of every property tax dollar is consumed by wages and benefits at the city, this, or any council really only has a say as to how 15% of your money is spent.

Perhaps that explains why last spring staff had to ask council for another $800,000 to fix some potholes because of the cold winter. That's right, will all the money flowing from your pocket into city coffers, they had to come to council seeking special funding to fix some potholes.


Armstrong, Thorpe, Bonner, Hemmens, Maarten, Brown, Geselbrecht, Beaulieu, Krog


Liberal Financial Management??

Remember how our Prime Minister promised to balance the budget and how he was going to spend all that money on infrastructure??

This is what happens when voters who only believe what the nice politician says to get elected but don't have any idea what they really stand for and elect them because they have nice hair.

Think about it, the next time you keep asking the government to GIVE you this or that ............. they have already spent all our tax dollars and now are borrowing to keep buying our vote. All the time, piling on the interest to service that debt.

Some people understand what globalism is all about, and then there are the Liberal and NDP supporters. The Cons are the only ones who pretend to have sound fiscal policy, but their performance doesn't seem to stand the test either.


Monday, October 01, 2018

Sheila Gurrie CIty Clerk Nanaimo ---- Conflict??

I recently posted an article in an attempt to educate Nanaimo taxpayers on the union/city relationship which has proven and is proving to be very costly for Nanaimo taxpayers. I am all for fair wages etc. but the contracts that CUPE 401 have been able to 'negotiate' with the city of Nanaimo are the richest in the region. Why?

The very idea that civil servants should hold unionized positions is beyond common sense, but that is a story for another day.

In response to the article a reader, 'Tim McGrath' posted a comment calling attention to what he sees as a perceived conflict of interest with the City Clerk and the head of CUPE 401. His concerns seem valid given the nature of the position of city clerk and the information they are privy to.

I have written the city clerk for a comment on the accusation and await reply.

McGrath's comment:
The City of Nanaimo and it's citizens have even a greater reason to be concerned - the city is in bed with the union - LITERALLY!

There is certainly a perceived CONFLICT of interest. It has been brought to the attention of the Mayor, but he hasn't even replied to the email.

The Legislative Services Dept Head is sleeping with the local Cupe 401 head! The head of Legislative Services has 100% access to all in camera as well as EVERY document in the city. Any strategic planning and discussion is available to Sheila Gurrie Legislative Head.

NB: for transparency, I am currently involved in a Attorney General case involving Legislative Head Gurrie."