Sunday, September 24, 2017


1. Nanaimo file # 2017-30432 Sometime overnight on Monday September 11 a boat trailer was stolen from a service road which runs parallel to the 300  block of Kennedy St. The trailer is a 1981 Roadrunner boat trailer with BC plate UYP80H. The plate and decal for the trailer were not attached at the time of the theft.

2. Nanaimo file # 2017-30526 Sometime between 10 pm and 5 am on Tuesday September 12 tools were stolen from a work site at 1690 Townsite Road. Taken was a blue Makita Power Planner and Jigsaw, along with batteries. No serial numbers were available.

3. Nanaimo file # 2017-30543 Sometime overnight on Tuesday September 12 a few cooper spools of wire were stolen from BC Hydro on Madsen Road. Thieves gained access to the compound by cutting through the chain link fence which surrounds the property.

4. Nanaimo file # 2017-30638 Sometime overnight on Wednesday September 13 unknown persons broke into an unlocked vehicle parked on Roberta Rd East and stole loose change and fishing hooks. This neighbourhood has seen an increase in petty thefts which are most likely the result of persons residing nearby and taking advantage of insecure vehicles, sheds and sometimes homes. Always ensure your vehicles are locked. This applies to shed doors, garages and even your tools. Take away the opportunity and you will reduce crime in your neighbourhood.

5. Nanaimo file # 2017-31045 On Friday September 15 a utility trailer with BC Plate 022475 was stolen from Fawcett Road. The trailer has a large black box in the front and a two foot rise extension in the bed for carrying wood. There is also a spare tire changed to the side of the trailer

6. Nanaimo file # 2017-31255 Reported on September 17 but stolen within the past week was fishing equipment taken from a boat parked in the backyard of a home in the 3400 block of Stephenson Point Rd.  Stolen were: two electronic Scotty downriggers, two mounts, two braided downrigger lines, two lure chargers and rigging, two cannon ball retrievers, two 20 pound cannon balls, one Magma stainless steel marine BBQ with mount and various tackle.

7. Nanaimo file # 2017- 31278 Sometime overnight on Sunday September 17 a black HEYS hard shell suitcase containing women's clothing was stolen from outside a residence in the 5900 block of Broadway. 

8. Nanaimo file # 2017-313318 Sometime overnight on September 17 a log splitter was stolen from the front yard of a home under construction in the 6400 block of Portsmouth Rd. The log splitter is very heavy and difficult to move. The suspect(s) cut the hydraulic lines then unbolted the splitter part and removed it. The splitter is a DHT22 ton log splitter with serial # 00019.

9. Nanaimo file # 2017-31319 Sometime overnight on Monday September 18 or over the weekend, a number of vehicles used by the Boys and Girls Club on Fifth St were broken into. This is an ongoing issue at this site.

10. Nanaimo file # 2017-31449 Sometime overnight on Tuesday September 19 a mountain bike was stolen the carport of a home in the 7200 block of Lantzville Road. The bike is a black 21 speed with 23" wheels, and has blue stripes with "Reactor" on the middle bars. 


Friday, September 22, 2017


Are you missing your drum set? 

The Nanaimo RCMP is in possession of a three piece drum set and would like to return them to their rightful owner.

The drums were found on Tuesday September 19 inside an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle was later turned over to the owner who claimed no knowledge of the drums or where they may have came from. There were no identifying marks or serial numbers on the drums to assist the investigators.

If anyone has information on who own the drums or where they were taken from please call the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345.



Small business calls on provinces to join campaign against unfair federal tax proposals
Winnipeg, September 22, 2017 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is urging Canada’s premiers to join small business owners in the fight against the federal government’s tax proposals. As part of this effort, CFIB president Dan Kelly is in Winnipeg today to meet with the Manitoba government about the proposed changes.
“Over the past decade, most provincial governments have worked hard to lower small business corporate tax rates to encourage job growth, investment and innovation,” said Kelly.  “Unfortunately, these positive provincial actions may soon be undone by federal proposals, which will dramatically change the way that small businesses are taxed in Canada.”
The federal government has proposed major changes to rules governing how business owners share income with family members, save through the business, and address capital gains during business succession. In a recent CFIB survey, nearly 90 per cent of small business owners indicated that these changes will significantly affect their businesses.  
CFIB is pleased that several premiers have already publicly expressed concerns about the proposed changes, including the impact on job creation and on rural communities’ ability to attract and retain health care professionals. These changes would also affect the provinces, as the Canada Revenue Agency collects provincial corporate income taxes on behalf of eight of them.
“We are urging all premiers to join us in asking the federal government to take these proposals off the table until they conduct a comprehensive consultation with the business community and provincial governments,” added Kelly.

Six counts possession for the purpose
possession of prohibited weapon
possession of stolen property

A 30 year old male and 40 year old female were  arrested last night following a drug investigation spear headed by the Nanaimo RCMP Projects Team. The arrest occurred in south Nanaimo at approximately 7 pm on Thursday September 21.

30 year old Levar Anthony HAYDEN has been charged with a 6 counts of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking under the CDSA, Possession of a Prohibited weapon ( switchblade) and Possession of Stolen property ( various bank cards).The 40 year old female was released today with no charges against her. 

The arrest of the two led to a search warrant being carried out on their central Nanaimo home where a variety of illegal drugs were seized. Those drugs consisted of 49 grams of suspected methamphetamine, 15 grams of suspected heroin/fentanyl and 2 grams of suspected cocaine. Additionally 30 suspected stolen credit cards, 4 cell phones, a switchblade and $1260 dollars in Canadian currency were seized.

HAYDEN appeared before a Nanaimo Provincial court judge this afternoon and was released from custody with his next court appearance set for October 26, 2017.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Product Of Our Edjamacation System?

Making change without a calculator
mind boggling for this generation ....

Me Missus was doing her bit for the local economy with the purchase of a new piece of clothing from a local shop, which will remain nameless to protect the guilty.

The person on the til was clearly no longer of school age but of course not nearly as old as us. She was indeed pleasant enough and made the obligatory chit chat as she rang up my wife's sale.

The total sale was $53.26 for which my wife tendered a $100 bill. The clerk punched the numbers into the register which of course told her how much change was due the customer.

My wife then realized she had the $3.26 and gave it to the clerk which would mean she would then be due $50.00 exactly.

This concept seemed to completely blow the clerks circuits as she first responded that she didn't think she could do it, and also noted that the til tape would no longer be accurate.

After much convincing on the part of my wife who tried to explain to the clerk her til would balance at the end of her shift and that everything would work out, the clerk finally relented and gave my wife the $50.00.

My wife was not convinced that the clerk actually believed. her.

I would have thought this was an isolated incident except for the fact I have also seen the same drama myself when the person on the til has to do some mental calculations that might differ from what the til says.

But not to worry this generation is much, much smarter than previous ones. Or are they? They do have smarter gadgets than I had, but I'm not so sure that has anything to do with being smart.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Sad Day At Nanaimo City Hall - SFN Flag Returned

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Video credit Nanaimo News Now

During a somber gathering at Nanaimo City Hall acting Mayor Bill Yoachim addressed the circumstances which have led to the returning of the SFN flag which had flown over city hall.

Yoachim also read a resolution of the majority of council (2 dissenters) which extend an apology to city manager Tracy Samra. The resolution accepts the findings of the Golder report.

Hopefully this will bring some resolve to the tensions that have existed at city hall which have their beginnings with McKay and Brennan opposing the hiring of city manager Tracy Samra.


Cyclist Critically Injured Nanaimo Parkway

A cyclist has been critically injured after colliding with a cube van on the Nanaimo Parkway. The collision occurred at approximately 6 am on Friday September 15, 2017 and has closed the southbound lanes while RCMP officers examine the scene.

Police, Fire and BC Paramedics attended. The cyclist was transported to local hospital by attending paramedics and was then airlifted to Victoria General hospital. There is currently no update on their condition. The driver of the cube van was not injured.

Southbound traffic on the Parkway between Northfield Road and the Jingle Pot intersection is closed and is expected to remain closed for some time. Motorists are asked to avoid this area while the lane closures are in effect.


Nanaimo Water Parks To Close Sept. 17

Summer Water Fun Wraps Up 

As the cooler weather rolls in, Parks staff prepare for Fall. On the to do list is to tidy up and shut off the water to the water parks until next Summer. Due to construction of the Multi-Purpose Covered Court, Harewood Water Park has already been closed. The last day to play in the remaining water parks (Departure Bay Centennial, Deverill Square and Mansfield Park) will be Sunday, September 17.

We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful summer and had the opportunity to visit one or more of the water parks. Please be sure to move indoors to enjoy a fall and winter of water fun at Beban Pool and the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre.

Aquatic fun continues throughout the fall and winter at Beban Pool and Nanaimo Aquatic Centre.

The Nanaimo Aquatic Centre is currently closed for maintenance and will re-open September 25. Until then, Beban Pool has extended hours to accommodate the community's public swimming needs.


Small Business Takes Another Hit

Ottawa, September 14, 2017 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is renewing calls for the federal government to reduce the overall payroll tax burden on small businesses, following today’s announcement of an increase in the 2018 Employment Insurance premium rate.
The 2018 EI rate for employees, set by the Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC), is $1.66 per $100 of insurable earnings, a three-cent jump from 2017. Employers will pay $2.32 per $100 of insurable earnings, an increase of four cents from the previous year.
“This latest increase means that payroll budgets of every business will increase for six straight years when you take into account that the 2018 EI increase will be followed by five years of CPP premium hikes starting in 2019,” said Corinne Pohlmann, Senior Vice-President, National Affairs at CFIB. “These tax hikes — which come amid the spectre of the federal government’s proposed tax changes — will make it more difficult for small business owners to hire more workers, raise salaries and grow their businesses.”
In a recent CFIB survey of members, Employment Insurance was identified as a “serious” concern for 43 per cent of small businesses; total tax burden, including EI, CPP, and Workers’ Compensation costs, was the top concern.
To reduce the payroll tax burden on small business, CFIB will continue to push the federal government to adopt the following measures:
  • Create an EI tax credit that recognizes the investments that small and medium-sized businesses already make in hiring and training employees;
  • Put in place a permanent, lower EI rate for small businesses (e.g. gradually moving from a rate that is 1.4 times more than the employee rate to a 50/50 split over time); and
  • Implement an EI holiday for hiring youth, as was promised in the federal government’s election platform.


Tara Dawn Brown Missing - Central Nanaimo

Tara Dawn BROWN 

The Nanaimo RCMP is asking for the public's assistance in locating 41 year old Tara Dawn BROWN who was last seen at approximately 7 pm on Wednesday September 13. Her disappearance is out of character as she requires daily medication and left her central Nanaimo home without it, her cell phone or purse which contained all her identification. BROWN does not have access to a vehicle and has some personal contacts and family on Vancouver Island.

BROWN is a white female, 5 ft. 5, heavy build with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and wears glasses. It is unknown what clothes she is wearing but BROWN often wears head coverings. The pictures provided are recent. If you have any information on the location of Tara Dawn BROWN please call Constable Mike Scott of the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

John Albert Buchanan Charged

Second degree murder charge sworn

A 46 year old Nanaimo man has been charged with one count of Second degree murder in the suspicious death of a Nanaimo man that was reported to the Nanaimo RCMP on Monday September 11.

John Albert BUCHANAN was arrested without incident at approximately 5:30 pm on Wednesday September 13 by officers with the Nanaimo Serious Crime Unit. Charges were sworn this morning and BUCHANAN has since been remanded into custody to await his next court appearance which is set for September 26.

The deceased male has been identified as 42 year old Richard Steven SITAR of Nanaimo. His family has been notified and a forensic autopsy is pending. As this matter is now before the courts no further information will be released to the public.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Councillor Brennan Owes Taxpayers $1383.00 ?

Tamara Cunningham reports in the Nanaimo Bulletin that Councillor Diane Brennan has exceeded her annual expense budget by nearly $1400.00.

According to a report released by the city Councillor Brennan expended nearly $8,000.00 on legal fees bringing her year to date expenses to $12,883.00. This exceeds her annual budget of $11.500.00 by $1383.00 which arguably should be paid by the Councillor.

Fees related to ongoing battle with city manager?

Brennan and McKay were the only members of council to run up legal fees during the second quarter of this year which begs the question of why?

The running gun battle between Brennan and McKay and Samra could be the reason for Brennan's astounding legal bill. In the Bulletin article Brennan is shedding no light on the reason for the legal bill which leaves the door wide open for speculation.

It will be interesting to see if there is any mechanism to hold Brennan responsible for the nearly $1400.00 or will the taxpayer once again have to pick up the tab. It's easy to run up legal bills when you aren't picking up the tab!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Click image to read Nanaimo News Now report

An article on Nanaimo News Now reports the city hopes to have an affordable housing strategy in place by 2018 for the new council to act upon.

When did this become the responsibility of city hall, and isn't the cost of housing well beyond the control of city hall? It is not hard to see why the city's social planner thinks it is up to the city, it would be called job security on his part. But really, is it the city's responsibility to try and wrestle with such a complex issue? They seem to be challenged just getting the garbage picked up without spending millions and millions more that comes with each 'improvement'.

Affordable housing is a provincial responsibility
local MLA's need to be held accountable

It is recently reported in the Globe and Mail that the NDP are funding 1700 affordable rental units and funding an additional 2,000 units for homeless people. It is also noted that the promised $400 renters rebate was absent from the first NDP budget. Funding for the other 3700 units of affordable housing is available according to their budget.

Our members of the Leg. Mr. Krog and Mr. Routley are members of the ruling class and therefore it is reasonable to expect Nanaimo will receive it's share of the promised affordable housing. For once Nanaimo is represented by the party controlling the purse strings so Krog and Routley will have no excuses for not delivering to the faithful in Nanaimo.

Shouldn't need a city social planner
if our local MLAs do their job

Now that Nanaimo has such strong representation with members of the party committed to affordable housing, there should be little need for a city social planner. It should be expected that Nanaimo will see some of that affordable housing stock in place long before the city has completed their 'plan' on how to deal with affordable housing.

Perhaps it is time for another look at city hall staffing??