Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nanaimo & Area Farmers' Markets July 2014

 Nanaimo & Area Farmers' Markets
Nanaimo Downtown Farmers' Market
Open Friday ( May 2 - Oct. 11, 2014)
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We are proud to say that we believe our market is one of the prettiest on the island. We have a large base of drop in vendors which keep our market ever changing. We enjoy watching the eagles fly overhead, the boats coming and going and the planes taking off every Friday. Our vendors always have a smile for our visitors. Open from First Friday in May to Friday before Thanksgiving.

90 Front Street, Nanaimo. On Pioneer Waterfront Plaza  For more information visit their website at or call 250-754-1998.
Bowen Road Farmers' Market
Open Wednesday (May - Oct. 2014)

The Bowen Road Farmers’ Market was started by a group of people concerned about our ever quickly changing world, the loss of rurality, food production, food sustainability and the connection to the earth. Our market is fun and vibrant market. Weekly we feature musicians and of course a wide variety of friendly vendors and excellent products produced by organic growers who transport their food within a 50 mile radius. Come to the Bowen Road Farmers’ Market and meet the person who grows and produces the food you eat. See you soon!

Open from May to October 2014, Wed 4:00pm to 6:30pm. Located at 2300 Bowen Road Behind Beban Park,in the VIEX fairground. For more information call 250-390-5199 or visit their website HERE.
 Lantzville Farmers' Market
Open Sunday (May 11 - Oct. 2014)

Located in the parking lot of St. Philips Church, 7113 Lantzville Road this new market will be open from 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm on Sundays from May 11th through to October.

The new market promises to be a meeting place for friends and neighbours giving access to healthy, local food.

For information visit or call 250-729-8646.

Cedar Farmers' Market
Open Sunday (May 12 - Oct. 27, 2014)

Take a Sunday drive out into the country, park in the fields of the Crow and Gate Neighbourhood Pub, feel grassy field below your feet and talk with the farmer that grows your food.

Open from May 12 to October 27, 2014 Sun 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Field of the Crow and Gate Pub, 2313 Yellowpoint Road, Nanaimo, B.C.

For more information visit their website at or call 250-668-5783


Nanaimo 2014 Bathtub Race & Marine Festival

Nanaimo Marine Festival and
World Championship Bathtub Race

Friday, July 25 to Sunday, July 27, 2014

Salutes the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce 125th Anniversary

Friday to SundayMaffeo Sutton Park
Food Vendors, Arts & Crafts Fair, Children's Craft Tent, Static Displays, Kiddies Karnival
Saturday at 10:30amSailpast on Wheels Fun Parade
Starting at Selby Street, proceeding down Fitzwilliam Street and along Front Street to Cliff Street
Saturday at DuskFireworks in the Nanaimo Harbour
Sunday at 11:00amWorld Championship Bathtub Race
Race starts in Nanaimo Harbour and finishes at approximately Noon at Departure Bay beach

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Event Schedule


Nanaimo City Hall Cover-up?

Is This Even Legal?

In what many council observers are describing as just plain bizarre city council and city staff seem to be taking extraordinary measures to see the public doesn't find out what happened before the Leadercast simulcast was cancelled by council on May 5th.

At the July 21st special city council meeting which was attended by Mayor Ruttan and Councillors Brennan, Greves, Johnstone and Pattje it was decided to follow staff's advice to consider this notice of motion in-camera. 

I have spoken with three different lawyers none of whom believe you can take a notice of motion in camera, which would make it illegal, if that opinion is correct. They also all agree, that this particular notice of motion does not meet the test for the sections of the Community Charter city staff is claiming gives them the legal right to handle this matter in-camera.

The motion itself, is asking council if they agree to having an investigation undertaken which would look into events leading up to the Leadercast cancellation on May 5th. The sections of the Charter quoted follow, and it appears that none of these provisions apply to this notice of motion.

Reasons given for going IC to discuss notice of motion for Leadercast investigation:

90  (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;

(c) labour relations or other employee relations;

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;

(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose;

As with any bizarre behaviour, it spawns all sorts of speculation as to what is really going on here, as it would appear there is something this council and city staff desperately want to keep out of the public realm and away from public scrutiny. The prevailing rumor on the street is that the simulcast was actually cancelled before the May 5th council meeting. If correct this would mean it had been cancelled without proper authority and city council was duped into passing the now infamous motion to cover someone's butt.

Of course this is nothing but pure rumor and speculation, which of course is always the by-product of what happens when officials dummy and lawyer up,which is what appears to be happening at city hall with this latest little drama.

I have filed a complaint with the BC Ombudspersons office asking them to intervene in this whole questionable affair. If you consider the fact that city staff sat by and said nothing about the illegal motion of May 5th and are now engaged in what is questionable decisions surrounding a notice of motion, you might be forgiven for questioning the qualifications of city hall staff making important decisions these days. As for the qualifications of this city council to make important decisions, sadly they do not have a stellar track record, having to look no further than the Colliery Dams Debacle as proof of that conclusion.


Great Turnout Freedom BBQ

Ezra Levant & John Carpay Attend BBQ

Ezra Levant and Sun Media hosted a Freedom BBQ in Maffeo Sutton park on July 23 as a celebration of their efforts which saw city council apologize and rescind the now infamous motion of May 5th.

In spite of less than perfect weather hundreds of supporters attended with 600 having preregistered for an event that was announced about one week ago. The food lineup seemed to be static for about an hour, as new arrivals kept replacing those getting their food on the other end.

About twenty volunteers were kept busy serving up hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, drinks and deserts. The speech was short, sweet and to the point and well received by those in attendance.

There was bouncy castles, slides, face painting, balloons and cottom candy which kept kids of all ages happy and occupied.


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Nanaimo City Manager Explains Democracy

Note: email subscribers may have to visit Nanaimo Info Blog to view this video.

Nanaimo City Manager explains his view of democracy

During the governance review committee, city manager Ted Swabey offered his opinion on how democracy is supposed to work. The sound quality is less than perfect, follows is a transcript of what he is saying:

"There's a big push for representative democracy in some way and I really think that is not the way to go, democracy is you are elected to make decisions and debate among yourselves the crowd is there to witness how democracy is working, not to be part of it."


Bathtub Days Street Fair July 26 & 27

Bathtub Days Street Fair 2014
Saturday 9am to 8pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm

Nanaimo’s Biggest Street Party is Back

Join the DNBIA for a two-day street party that will take place on Saturday July 26th and Sunday July 27th in the heart of downtown Nanaimo. The Bathtub Day Street Fair has something for everyone, a kids zone, friendly competition, arts, culture, live entertainment, a parade, talent show and more.

Street Fair – Saturday 9am to 8pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm.

The streets will be closed to traffic both days so that people can enjoy the open air street market which will have close to 40 vendors selling their wares, in addition to all of the  great stores downtown which will be showcasing their wares for your enjoyment.

Kids Zone

jump around
Families, be sure to head over to the Jump Around Kids Zone in Diana Krall Plaza where kids can enjoy, arts and crafts, games, face painting, a fish pond and more. The “Big” kids can take aim at the dunk tank in front of the Palace  Hotel or show off their inner cowboy by riding the mechanical bull.

Pacific Coast Mustang Association Show N Shine

Be sure to make it down both days to visit the Downtown Show N’ Shine which will feature all manners of vehicles. Do you have a car you would love to show off? Make sure to join in the fun. Registration will be open to the public both days on a first-come first serve basis.

 Paint Out/Shoot Out

And what’s a party in the Arts & Culture District without Arts & Culture. Visitors will enjoy the great Paint Out/Shoot Out that will be taking place Sunday, July 27th during the Bathtub Days Street Fair.  Find out how to register at the Nanaimo Arts Council.

Dine Al Fresco at one of the Patio Side Eateries

Downtown streets will take on all of the ambiance of a trip to Europe with many downtown eateries putting tables street-side, so that you can enjoy  lunch while sipping your favourite beverage and listen to local  musicians.

Contests, Contests, Contests

A Street Fair isn’t a party without a little friendly competition. While Bathtubbers are busy sailing across the Strait of Georgia, you can get in on a little friendly competition of your own.

Thrifty Foods Watermelon Eating Contest

Join us in Diana Krall Plaza on Saturday for the return of the Thrifty Foods Watermelon Eating Contest. There will be different age categories so everyone can get in on the fun.

Nanaimo Bar Competition

Think you bake up the best batch of Nanaimo Bars on the Island? While here’s your chance to prove it and take home the gold. Watch this space for more information on how to enter

Waiter’s Race

The madly contested Waiter’s Race will take place Sunday, July 27th in front of the Queen’s Hotel, where the fleet-footed folks from the Quarterway Pub will be defending their two-year title.  Come down and cheer on your favourite Nanaimo Pub staff.
Stay tuned for more information on how to enter the competitions.



Nanaimo Sailpast on Wheels Parade - 2014

Everyone Loves A Parade . . . . 

File Photos from 2013 Sailpast on Wheels Parade

Nanaimo Bathtub Races
Sailpast on Wheels Parade
Saturday July 26 - 10:30 am
Downtown Nanaimo


Nanaimo Bathtub Races Fireworks - 2014

Bathtub Race Fireworks Display
Festival of Lights & Music 
Nanaimo Harbour, Sat. July 26 - 10:00 pm

The Quality Foods "Festival of Lights & Music" fireworks display sponsored by your Quality Foods stores and the LNBS and simulcast of CKWV 102.3 the WAVE.

"Vancouver Island's Premier Fireworks Show"


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Leadercast Investigation Notice of Motion

Note: email subscribers may have to visit Nanaimo Info Blog to view video

Bestwick Notice of Motion

The above is the audio of the notice of motion as read into the record by Councillor Bill McKay. We are now told that either city staff or city council sought legal advice relating to this motion. The advice they received apparently led them to the conclusion the motion must be dealt with 'in-camera'.

As with most things legal, differing opinions are the norm. One lawyer may think this warrants the secrecy of going in-camera, while another may not agree. I hope the citizens of Nanaimo have the opportunity to seek a second legal opinion, as it seems almost inconceivable what is contained in this motion that would warrant such secrecy.

Listen to the motion yourself, and as an armchair lawyer, can see you why this motion could not be dealt with in an open council meeting??


Worth Repeating - Nanaimo City Hall & Democracy

This first appeared on Nanaimo Info Blog last April and certainly is worth repeating in light of what is currently happening with the Leadercast investigation motion and what appears to be an attempt to remove it from public view!! Listen to the two tapes of what senior staff think about the process!

Reduces Public Participation
Muzzles Councillors Who Don't Agree

Two alarming documents are currently being considered by this city council, which will affect how the city get's run for decades and they do nothing to comfort the average taxpayer. They will effectively reduce the opportunity for public input and can be used to control councilors who may be in strong disagreement with a council decision.

I have personally watched the committee meetings where both of these documents were considered in their draft form and as a big fan of democracy, the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up! That is no exaggeration. My biggest fear, is that once again the average Nanaimo voter will simply continue to snooze as their ability to participate in the process is eroded further. The over use and mis-use of the in-camera process has been a hallmark of this council, and if implemented, these two new documents will pretty much shut out most of the public. In my opinion, based on different comments I heard at both of these meetings, there is a disturbing tone held by the majority of council as to how city governance should be conducted.

I urge anyone who wishes to hang onto the last shreds of public input in city affairs to visit the city website and download copies of 'Draft Procedure Bylaw of the City of Nanaimo, Revised March 18, 2014' and the 'City of Nanaimo Governance Framework Roles & Responsibilities".

If you think the public is being shut out of the decision making process now, with secret in-camera meetings, minutes of these meetings that are incomplete as to what was said and what advice was given by staff, then brother, if these two documents are adopted without revision ....... you ain't seen nothing yet.

These documents, if adopted will have affect on councilors elected this fall, and frankly, I think both should be put on the shelf until after the next election, and these documents need to be a hot item in the next civic election.

City Mayor & City Manager Not Qualified?

Between our Mayor and City Manager the taxpayers of Nanaimo are paying over $300,000 per year to govern the city of Nanaimo. The Mayor is in his sixth year in office, and I believe our city manager has over 20 years experience with the city, yet they had to hire three outside consultants to tell them how to do their jobs. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that people being paid that kind of money should be past the intern stage?

Listen Carefully to the opinions expressed by top city staff!


What Is City Hall Afraid Of Now??



More Democracy - 'Nanaimo'Style'??

What in the world is this city council up to now? Do they actually have any idea how this looks like they are afraid of what an investigation into the Leadercast fiasco will reveal if it proceeds in an open council? Does Nanaimo really need anymore bad press?

Councillor Bestwick's 'notice of motion' was read in open Council by Councillor McKay at the end of the July 14th city council meeting. Basically this motion (as I understand it) calls for an independent investigation into the events that led up to the Leadercast simulcast cancellation of May 5th.

For reasons unexplained we are now being told this is a 'labour' issue and is therefore being taken behind the veil of secrecy offered by the in-camera process. Those familiar with how information can be controlled and manipulated will take no comfort in this piece of manoeuvrings which once more would remove all public scrutiny.

If the suggestion is that this will somehow implicate staff, and therefore needs to be done in secret, it raises the reason for suspicion even higher in my humble opinion. If there is nothing to fear, then why the need for secrecy?

Ezra Levant will be in town tomorrow with Mr. Carpay hosting a BBQ at Maffeo Sutton Park, and while his style is 'over the top', perhaps he might have an opinion on how this city council is proceeding with the investigation that led to the Leadercast fiasco. Is this another example of how this council thinks that democracy should be administered? Only involve the public, when it is convenient, and shut them out when it means you might be held accountable?

I hope we are not heading for even more unwelcome national attention  with this latest example of 'Democracy - Nanaimo Style".


The 'Real World' vs Nanaimo City Hall

A recent article in the local Daily referred to the severance pay being offered to employees of Canpar who are being laid off as Loomis is now taking over their contracts. The article said the union would be arguing for larger severance packages as what is being offered is 2 days for each year of service, according to Federal guidelines.

That is an example of the 'real world' which is in sharp contrast to the world of the entitled and privileged that work for the city of Nanaimo.

Consider the following examples of severance pay recently paid out, courtesy of the Nanaimo taxpayer:

Jerry Berry .........$480,000

Per Kristensen ...$272,473

Douglas Holmes .$239,602

Andrew Tucker ...$136,247

You might be wondering "who the hell has been watching our tax dollars?".


Things on the net that make ya' smile

What could go wrong Billy-Bob??


Monday, 21 July 2014

Is City Hall Trustworthy In Dam Decisions?

A Vote of Non-confidence Warranted?

Trustworthy by definition is worthy of confidence, as an adjective it means being able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right: deserving of trust.

One definition of confidence is faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way (have confidence in a leader).

The Dams Will Fail In A Seismic Event - 150 Deaths Possible

That was the official mantra coming from city hall last year in their efforts to remove the dams in Colliery Dams Park by convincing the public how dangerous they were. There was a very concerted, and costly exercise undertaken by city hall under Al Kenning's guidance to get the dams removed in spite of strong opposition. One could be forgiven for thinking the motive to get them ripped out, would be to destroy the evidence that they were not as vulnerable as we were being led to believe.

In the beginning it appeared that all of council supported this decision, but as public pressure mounted councillors Pattje, McKay, Kipp and Bestwick seemed willing to look at what might be considerably less costly options than they had first been presented with. However, Mayor Ruttan, Councillors Brennan, Greves, Johnston and Anderson held steadfast to the need to remove the dams since they presented such a high level of threat to Harewood. These five never seemed to be willing to accept any other opinion, other than that coming from the city manager who was leading the charge in concert with Mr. Simms, Ms Clift and Mr. Hickey. In spite of the lack of qualifications of these managers in the field of dams and dam safety, the majority of council seemed unwilling to listen to any other opinions.

Had it not been for the intervention of Chief Douglas White, city staff would have gotten their way, and the evidence would have been forever destroyed as the contract for removal was mere minutes away from council approval.

At that point we are now told we had spent $1,000,000 on what was a completely flawed process based on incomplete data and far too much speculation to base such serious decisions upon. This calls into question the ability of city staff and this city council to exercise trustworthy judgment in which we can put our confidence. If that judgment is so flawed in this instance, what does it say for other decisions that have been made in recent years?


Nanaimo Bathtub Race & Marine Festival - 2014

Nanaimo Marine Festival and
World Championship Bathtub Race

Friday, July 25 to Sunday, July 27, 2014

Salutes the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce 125th Anniversary

Friday to SundayMaffeo Sutton Park
Food Vendors, Arts & Crafts Fair, Children's Craft Tent, Static Displays, Kiddies Karnival
Saturday at 10:30amSailpast on Wheels Fun Parade
Starting at Selby Street, proceeding down Fitzwilliam Street and along Front Street to Cliff Street
Saturday at DuskFireworks in the Nanaimo Harbour
Sunday at 11:00amWorld Championship Bathtub Race
Race starts in Nanaimo Harbour and finishes at approximately Noon at Departure Bay beach

Download Schedule

Event Schedule


Nanaimo Bathtub Race - Beginning Days

Bathtub Racing Started In 1967

The above picture shows Frank Ney with the earliest racing bathtub at Long Lake in Nanaimo. It really does look like a bathtub someone put the plug in and slapped a motor onto. Who would have thought that decades later the sleek racing machines of today, while still being bathtubs have evolved into three classes, Stock, Modified and Super Modified.

The bottom picture shows the frothing sea when as many as 200 tubs and 800 escort boats took part in the test of endurance and bravery as man and machine pitted themselves against each other but more importantly against the unforgiving ocean just waiting to take them to Davey Jones Locker!

In the early days, all the tubs and their escort boats assembled in the harbour and took off together, with the resulting prop wash sinking many hapless tubbers before barely getting past the starting line. A special award was given to the tub with the dubious distinction of being the first to sink!


Sunday, 20 July 2014

BC Summer Games Nanaimo - Close

The 2014 BC Summer Games came to a close on Sunday in Nanaimo.  Over 3200 athletes, coaches and officials from across B.C. competed in 19 sports during the four day event.

The rain held off at the Closing Ceremony and the audience was treated to entertainment from local talents, Mikaila Tombe and dancers from Vibrant Dance Studios and Tempo Dance Academy as well as 13 year-old Ian Perry and his band from Gabriola Island.

Four time Olympian and BC Games Society Board member, Dave Calder, spoke to the athletes and reminded them that medals and sucesses are not the only things to be taken from these Games.  "Remember that you learn lessons from all your successes and failures and each experience is important."

Port Alberni Wrestler, Nolan Badovinac was recognized with the W.R. Bennett Award for Athletic Excellence.  With two gold medals at the 2014 BC Summer Games and an impressive resume of sport and leadership success, Badovinac receives a $2500 bursary to support his future sport or educational expenses.

The City of Nanaimo was a suberb host with over 3200 volunteers working on every detail of the planning and staging of the Games.  Local businesses contributed in excess of $900,000  as to support the Games.

Her Honour the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia was present to speak to the audience and officially close the Games.

The next BC Games will next be hosted in the City of Penticton for the 2016 BC Winter Games.  Penticton Box Lacrosse athletes, Travis Hamilton and Michael Maclean, accepted the BC Games flag from Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games President, Jeff Lott to take back to their city.


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Nanaimo Fire Rescue - Rooftop Rescue

 Injured worker on roof receives first aid
 Bucket pressed into service to bring the injured man safely down
 Delicate work manoeuvring over trees and avoiding overhead wires
Getting into the 'just right' position, not as easy as it looks
Preparing to move the injured worker into the bucket
Worker safe and secure in the bucket
The return trip from rooftop to the waiting ambulance
Waiting for the patient to be delivered
Safely moved to the gurney and headed for more care
Patient loaded into ambulance headed for the hospital
Everything going back into place and ready for the next call

Rooftop Injury leads to delicate rescue

Saturday morning on the job didn't turn out quite the way one worker had planned I am sure. While working on the roof of a house on Terminal Ave. the worker slipped and apparently broke his leg making it impossible for him to get off the roof under his own power.

This resulted in Nanaimo Fire Resuce crews having to execute a rather delicate exercise to offer first aid to the injured man while on the roof and then safely bring him down for a trip in the waiting ambulance.


Nanaimo Vital Signs® Survey

Nanaimo's First Vital Signs® survey
Needs YOUR Input (Win $200)

How do you feel about the overall health of Nanaimo's residents? Is it easy to get around the city? What about the availability of suitable housing? Where does the city stand on current environmental issues? These are just a few topics that are identified in Nanaimo's first-ever Vital Signs® survey.

Sponsored by Island Savings, the Nanaimo Foundation together with the United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island and the City of Nanaimo are pleased to be presenting Nanaimo's very first Vital Signs® report -- a check-up on our community.

Community engagement is key to the success of this annual check-up, and we need you to weigh in on ten critical issue areas. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete and no personal information will be kept and you will not be contacted as a result of completing this survey.

Also, respondents to this survey are invited to enter a prize draw (minimum $200 value) to be made on August 16th, 2014. To be eligible, please complete this survey and fill out the prize information section at the end of the survey by August 15, 2014.

Survey Button


Friday, 18 July 2014

Let The Games Begin

Competition Heats Up on Day One at the 2014 BC Summer Games

The first full day of competition at the Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games is complete.  Preliminary qualifiers for all team sports are underway leading towards the final rounds later this weekend.  Some of the highlights from some of the individual competitions are listed below.


A lot of hardware was handed out at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre this afternoon. Campbell River’s Cianna Dunn had a standout day, winning both Gold and Silver in her events. 13-year-old Austin Phillips from Kamloops took home a pair of Gold medals in the pool.  Special Olympic athlete Amanda Schleppe from Okanagan Falls took home a full set of medals today and will compete for five more over the course of the weekend.  Michael Mitchell won double Gold in 200m backstroke and 50m free.  Nanaimo’s own Reid Della-Rosa took home a Gold and Silver before an excited hometown crowd.

Synchronized Swimming

Making a splash at the Beban Park Pool the synchronized swimming got underway today with the figures competition.  Tier 2/3 winners were Julie Preston from Parksville, Gold; Jenna Krawchuk from Nanaimo, Silver and Kendall Stirrat from Vancouver, Bronze.  In Tier 4/5 Figures; Claire Heir-Salvi from Burnaby was awarded Gold, Julia Palfryman from Vernon, Silver and Zara Herbert from Vancouver took home bronze.


Equestrian competition kicked off today at the Beban Park Equestrian Centre with four sets of medals being handed out in Dressage, Para-Dressage, Vaulting and Jumping.  Daelen Cleugh from Duncan and his horse Victor took the Gold in Para-Dressage and Lea von Salzen from Victoria also took gold in Dressage with her horse Lady Londonberry.  Casandra Lashmar and her horse Big Sky leaped their way to Gold in the Jumping Competition.  After just a few months of training together, Hailey Down from Cloverdale took gold with her horse Tristen.


Vancouver Island heated up the track today at Rotary bowl, taking home a combined 3 Gold medals. Madison Heisterman from Nanaimo took home Gold in the 1200m race.  Dominic Boar pole vaulted his way to Gold before a hometown crowd.   Vancouver Island-Central Coast boy won Gold in the 4 x 400m relay.  Members of the team include; Luke Armstrong from Duncan, Simon Morrison from Nanoose Bay, Jack Cooper from Victoria and Daniel Beaule from Comox rounded out the team.

Canoe/ Kayaking

It was all in the family for the Atkins sibling duo from Chilliwack, who paddled their way to the podium this afternoon at Nanaimo River.  Austin Atkins took home two Gold medals in the C-1 and K-1 Slalom events.  Sister Madison took home Gold in the K-1 and a bronze in C-1 on Long Lake this afternoon. Other top K-1 girls’ finishers were Isabel Taylor and Isabel Peters taking Silver and Bronze respectively.


Pipers Lagoon On A Summer Eve

One of our favourite spots for an evening stroll is Piper's Lagoon Park where you can take a refreshing evening stroll and watch the sun set as it dances across the Lagoon and kisses an arbutus 'good night'.